Signs That your Soul has Reincarnated Before

Signs That your Soul has Reincarnated Before

Learn about the signs indicating that you're an old soul that's inhabited other bodies throughout various periods of time.



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Phobias - Afraid of Infinity? You`re an Apeirophobe

Afraid of Infinity? You`re an Apeirophobe


Look out the window, far into the distance, and ask yourself whether this makes you feel any fear. If the idea of infinity, in any form, scares you, you're suffering from apeirophobia.

Phobias - Afraid of Clowns? Find out Why

Afraid of Clowns? Find out Why


Clowns are meant to be fun, to bring joy and glee. But for millions of people, they are absolutely horrifying. Their seemingly frozen smile instills nothing other than pure terror.

Phobias - Mathematical Anxiety Causes Pain

Mathematical Anxiety Causes Pain


According to psychologists from the University of Chicago, the phobia of math can cause actual physical pain. The fear of math can be seen as a legitimate condition since there are negative physical and psychological reactions present.

Phobias - The Strangest Phobias

The Strangest Phobias


Perhaps the strangest phobia in the world is the fear of ducks. This phobia, known as anatidaephobia, is essentially the fear a person has of there being a duck nearby that is watching them.

Phobias - Phobias related to nature

Phobias related to nature


There are many people who suffer from phobias related to nature. Some of these are Limnophobia, Hylophobia, Agrizoophobia, Heliophobia, Aeroacrophobia, Ancraophobia.

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