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How to Charge yourself with Positive Energy in an Urban Setting


Recharging with positive energy is done very easily out in nature but in the urban environment it's significantly more difficult. All of the sensory irritants, tension, stress, people with negative vibrations, etc. sap our energy and make us feel exhausted. But according to experts in the esoteric, even in the largest cities there are ways for restoring our energy and returning our harmony by following several simple steps.

The first and most important thing is to return more frequently to the places where you spent your childhood. Even if you no longer have any connection to your old life, devote a few days a year to going back to your first home, the street where you played, your kindergarten, your first school.

All of these places that you have fond memories of will grant you new strength and charge you with positive emotions.

After you make your way to the corresponding place, take a deep breath 3 times, sit down nearby, relax. Try to feel the vibrations of the area, return to your childhood years in your mind.


Recall your most wonderful experiences there, your friends, games with your pet. If you've performed yoga or other similar practices, it's going to be extremely easy for you to become one with the spot and feel how special it is. Stay there for as long as you feel necessary but at the end don't forget to bow before the spot and thank it out loud.

This way you'll grant it its due respect and when you return again in the future, it'll be ready to once again charge you with energy. It will once more help you get rid of the negative energy and stress accumulated during your hectic life in the big city.