Human sacrifices in Peru

Human sacrifices in Peru

The most controversial of modern rites of ancient South American societies, is human sacrifice. Information about the victims, however, is deficient.


Human Sacrifice

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Human Sacrifice - Great Pyramid of Cholula

Great Pyramid of Cholula


Cholula is a city in Mexico, where the massive Pyramid of the same name can be found. The pyramid in Cholula is a massive structure, greater even than the pyramids in Egypt, by volume.

Human Sacrifice - Incas fattened sacrificial children

Incas fattened sacrificial children


Analysis of hair from the mummies, shows that months before making the sacrificial ritual, the ancient Inca began to fatten the children chosen to be sacrificed.

Human Sacrifice - Human sacrifice discovered in Peru

Human sacrifice discovered in Peru


A temple with a tomb has been discovered in which has remains of human sacrifices in it. The tomb belonged to people believed to stem from God Naylamp, the so called Lambayeque civilization.

Human Sacrifice - Aztec human sacrifice

Aztec human sacrifice


When the Spaniards entered the capital of Aztecs Tenochtitlan in Mexico during 1519, they remained astounded by the sight which was revealed to them. Cannibalism during the Aztec civilization.

Human Sacrifice - People buried alive with the emperor in China

People buried alive with the emperor in China


In ancient times in China many have been engaged in mass murder. It was a sacrifice offered to a deceased emperor. When the ruler died from the Qing Dynasty along with him were buried alive 177 people

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