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Religious Cultists Smuggle Skulls Inside Teddy Bears

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A package containing a few teddy bears, in which there were human skulls and bones, was caught at the Mexico City airport. It is believed that they are used by religious cults.

The authorities announced that the human remains were dug up from the earth not too long ago, with the discovery being made by the staff of the delivery company that was shipping the package, using X-rays.

The sender of the package, who is Mexican, has already been arrested and has admitted to the authorities that he procured the human bones from a market in the center of Mexico City.

So far, the prosecution refuses to reveal the identity of the man.


It is believed that the remains were ordered from a foreign country for religious cults, such as the Cult of the Serpent, which has been thoroughly investigated by John Dean.

Mexican worshipers do not just limit themselves to the symbolic worship of a given cult and regardless if they find themselves in the country or outside of it, they try to adhere to certain rituals.

The Mexican people, similar to many other peoples, also honor snakes as intelligent creatures and talismans, which even have the ability to heal.


A passed down tradition from Mexico's past is for snake remains to be hung on the door of a person who falls sick.

Evidence of an even more horrifying cult is a casting found near the Dominican Monastery, which depicts a huge snake eating an elegantly dressed woman.

Two years ago, Mexican police arrested 8 people involved in the murders of two 10-year-old kids and one woman as part of a ritual sacrifice.

The horrendous ritual was reported by the BBC, which pointed out the existence of a group called La Santa Muerte in the nation, which to this day venerates the death cult.

Medical examinations proved that the murders occurred in 2009 and 2010 near the town of Nacozari due to a ritual in honor of Santa Muerte.

The cult, which worships death, has its origins in the towns along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico but now covers even larger territories in the country. It is also popular among drug smugglers and the rest of the underworld.



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