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The Most Painful Ways to Die

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Everyone has a phobia of a particular kind of death. The most cruel and painful ways to lose your life have been classified by medical experts, claiming that there is no worse way to meet your end. Here are the 9 worst ways to die:

Dying from hunger. A person can survive without food for 60 days. Beginning from the 2nd week, the body begins to waste away, it starts to use up nutrients from the fat reserves. Liver function becomes disrupted and it begins to produce toxins that are exceptionally harmful to the body, ultimately killing it.

Dying as a castaway. Hypothermia, hunger and drowning during a storm - these are just a few of the ways to die if you survive a sinking ship and are left floating in the ocean. Even if you manage to get to a wooden lifeboat, don't forget that the shark, that will most likely find you soon after, has plenty of sharp teeth with which to destroy it. Dehydration also leads to death. There have been cases where some people can't take it anymore and begin drinking the salty water, leading to quite an unpleasant doom.

Falling into a volcano. Falling into a volcano is not something that happens often but there are some incredibly curious people who have had this unfortunate experience. It would be extremely painful since lava has a harder upper layer with a lower temperature. If you were to fall into it you would remain alive for at least several excruciatingly painful minutes.

Human sacrifice. The only thing worse than the painful death that would inevitably befall you are the rituals leading up to it. Before you are sacrificed in the name of a mystical deity, you will most likely first sit around in a temple for quite some time, where the shamans will make you eat or drink all sorts of things. Victims of human sacrifice have been found with skull trauma, indicating they were unconscious while being killed. The most common methods of killing are beheading, poisoning, stabbing and others.

Airplane crash. If your airplane begins to lose altitude, expect several agonizing minutes. Once it starts speeding down to Earth, the lack of oxygen will leave you unconscious for the next 1 mile (1.6 km). When you wake up you'll probably be losing altitude at 124 mi (200 km) per hour. In combination with the intense fear will be the screams of the other passengers, as well as a number of other unpleasant factors.

Plane Crash

Being eating by a predator. If you're lucky you'll be killed by a lion or tiger - these predatory animals bite their victim by the throat and kill instantly. Other animals, however, such as the jaguar and hyena, bring their victim down and start to eat it while it's still alive.

Crushed to death. If you're not a fan of the idea of being eaten, you can be crushed to death. As a killing method, this was highly popular during the 19th century. Sentenced prisoners had to kneel at the headsman's block, while an elephant stepped on their head. The other horrible part was that most victims remained alive for another few minutes, before the kidneys or heart finally stopped working.

Death by freezing. Normal human body temperature is 100°F (37 °C). Whenever you are subjected to extremely low temperatures, the body starts to react. Initially, the muscles realize that they have need of heat and begin to shake. Next comes stiffness and loss of the ability to move. Then you might make attempts to crawl along the ground but your body temperature drops even more this way. Once you're no longer shaking, you die. The body's temperature starts to drop drastically, while the organs function slower and slower. The brain can no longer function properly. Your consciousness can't tell whether you're alive or dead until you finally fall asleep in the eternal embrace of the cold.

Dying of shame. According to scientists, this is the most horrifying way to die. To die of shame is indeed possible. The reason for it is that in some cases the levels of stress and anxiety become so high that they can cause the heart to stop.

Besides from shame, this can also occur from fright. In most cases this doesn't lead to immediate death. But it does cause psychological problems, depression and attempts at suicide. This is the cruelest way to lose our life since it leaves us with our worst personal nightmares for a long time.