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Anomalies and paradoxes after the Chernobyl accidentAnomalies and paradoxes after the Chernobyl accident
25 Dec.
Animal abnormalities and environmental paradoxes are followed in forests around Chernobyl after the accident of the 4th reactor of the NPP in April 1986. Now scientists in Russia are holding animals with...
Do Cats Have Supernatural Powers?Do Cats Have Supernatural Powers?
20 Oct.
There is no shortage of beliefs when it comes to the supernatural powers of cats. One thing is certain - these animals do possess powers that we humans do not understand. It's been proven that the purring of cats has...
Archaeologists Dig Up the Remains of Triple-Horned Dinosaur - WendiceratopsArchaeologists Dig Up the Remains of Triple-Horned Dinosaur - Wendiceratops
11 Feb.
the animals were herbivores. Proof for this is the peculiar beak of the animal. Paleontologists concur that it helped it tear vegetation that grew low to the ground. The animal chewed with large leaf-shaped teeth in...
Energy in skinsEnergy in skins
10 Jan.
taken from animals killed in pain, bring bad luck to their owner. The skins of different animals have different energy. For example, skin with long hair like a fox, or a raccoon in Canada, have a very powerful...
Unbelievable Facts about Elephants you May Not KnowUnbelievable Facts about Elephants you May Not Know
04 July
435 lb (7000 kg), their favorite foods being bananas and sugar cane. A little-known fact about these majestic animals is that they can communicate with each other even using their feet. Scientists have found...
Our Pets Shield us from EvilOur Pets Shield us from Evil
22 Nov.
. Animals react immediately when they sense negative energy, intentions for theft or evil. It is not stated without reason, that people who love animals are good, because this love ennobles them. Prophets and...
Monthly Numerology Prognosis for JanuaryMonthly Numerology Prognosis for January
06 Jan.
homeless or for animals or getting a new park bench. You'll enjoy working with your fellow philanthropists, who share your caring and ideas. If you're looking for love you'll find it in a very shy and artistic person. You...
Deadly Bacteria are Attacking our Planet!Deadly Bacteria are Attacking our Planet!
03 Dec.
An elusive bacteria is attacking the planet. The dangerous microorganism has already been found in animals and samples from sick people. In recent years, scientists have discovered that there are bacteria that get...
Is it Possible?Is it Possible?
18 Jan.
yet met my father. I don't know if I'm going crazy but I can't get this off my mind in the past few days. I've never had anything like this happen to me before, never anything to do with the paranormal or anything like that. I'm confused. Any ideas?...
Ghost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer MatchGhost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer Match
25 Apr.
anything unusual at that moment. According to fans of paranormal phenomena, the stadium in La Paz was built upon an ancient burial ground. They also claim that visitors to the stadium often become witnesses to phenomena of this sort....
Evil will Soon be Curable!Evil will Soon be Curable!
20 May
the motivation of aggressive behavior have been identified, such as when an animal prepares to attack its prey. After observations were done on the brains of test animals, tests were done with human brains as well...
Elephant Cries After Being FreedElephant Cries After Being Freed
09 July
emotional. We knew in our hearts he realised he was being freed, " tells Binepal. "Elephants are unique animals. They are highly intelligent and it has been proven that they can feel sorrow, " adds the spokesperson...
What Our Dreams Reveal According to JungWhat Our Dreams Reveal According to Jung
26 Feb.
person is our shadow, i.e. they represent our hidden emotions, desires and qualities that we possess but do not wish to accept. 4. Whenever we dream of animals - they are a symbol of our instincts, which we must either...
The Brontosaurus ReturnsThe Brontosaurus Returns
14 Apr.
The brontosaurus, one of the largest animals on dry land to ever walk the Earth, has been rehabilitated among the scientific community after having been classified as a species of Apatosaurus and not a separate...
Russian Scientist Photographs the Soul Leaving the BodyRussian Scientist Photographs the Soul Leaving the Body
18 Oct.
innovative technology of Korotkov allows for the observation of the energetic visualizations of all types of biophysical imbalances. The technology can even show whether a person truly has paranormal capabilities or...

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