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The Animal-Shaped Amulets that Give Women Superpowers! Carry Them with you


Figurines of animals have been particularly revered, even by people in ancient times. Our ancestors believed that they not only personified the outer appearance of a given representative of the animal kingdom but also bore its qualities. For this reason, they placed them in their homes or wore them with them as amulets.

Among the most sought-after talismans were the lion, symbol of strength, beauty, the fighting spirit and bravery. Talismans in the form of a deer were seen as a magical means of attracting wealth. The frog was a symbol of wealth, inner beauty and fertility.

Of course, there are many other animals whose image is used in the creation of amulets. Some are exceptionally suitable for women, as they bring success to whatever the representatives of the fairer sex are aiming for.

Learn about the animal-shaped amulets that every woman needs to be familiar with.

1. Butterfly

The butterfly represents beauty, femininity and freedom. Figurines that recreate its image bring luck to those ladies who wish to raise their self-confidence and attract the attention of the opposite sex.

2. Antelope

This majestic animal embodies qualities such as gracefulness, beauty and grandeur. The antelope figurine is recommended for ladies who perform ballet, dance or other kinds of art that require flexibility, charm and splendor.

3. Horse

A statuette depicting a horse is recommended for ladies who are shy, timid and insecure. It is believed to grant strength, willpower, courage and the aptitude to express their positions and defend them.


4. Cat

A talisman in the form of a cat also inspires confidence in women. However, it also contributes to their getting married quicker, for felines are seen as a symbol of home comfort.

5. Turtle

A turtle figurine is the perfect talisman for frivolous, hotheaded and obstinate ladies who make reckless decisions, then regret them. This animal will grant them wisdom, tranquility and harmony. It will help them grow and become wiser faster.

6. Stork

The stork is a divine bird that is linked to the coming of new life and family comfort. Pictures and figurines depicting this feathered animal will bring fortune to those women who wish to sooner find a husband and become mothers.