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Prophecies of the Toltecs

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The Toltec civilization, consisting primarily of artisans and men of knowledge, inhabited all of South Mexico a millenium ago. The mission of these people was to study and preserve ancient wisdom. They have left behind their mystical prophecies about the future, which are exceptionally relevant today.

According to the Toltecs, our planet and our minds are subject to the Sun. When it changes, our minds also change in unison with it, as does our connection to it, becoming as light led by its supreme intelligence.

The Mayan and Aztec calendar is in fact a Toltec calendar. According to it, before our current Sun there were 5 others. The 6th sun, i.e. our own, rose on January 11, 1992. The Toltecs' accounts say that it possesses different light properties, much better than its predecessors. The 6th sun brings justice, love, bliss and peace to the world.

Based on prophecies left to us by the Toltecs, with the coming of the 6th sun will also come the moment when people will realize who they really are. According to these, humans are gods who are dreaming that they are not gods.

When they are ready and accept this fact however, everything will be possible. They will be capable of creating the new humanity. But the prophecy states that to share in this love you must first have achieved it within yourself. Each person must love themselves for what they are.

When the time comes that people realize that they've been sleeping all this time they must awaken. This awakening will continue for 200 years from the beginning of the 6th sun. It will be a new age of a return of the divine.

Similar to other prophecies, the Toltec one also speaks of the resistance that always arises to fight the new. Fear will be the greatest self-destructive force for man. But the new sun commands this resistance to back down because our intuition links us with our own personal ray of this sun's light.

Its rays will grant us a new level of consciousness. In the prophecy it is said that people will awaken the sense of responsibility within themselves. In combination with love, this will bring about the necessary change.