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Cemetery of vampires was discoveredCemetery of vampires was discovered
15 Feb.
Graveyard of vampires has been detected in the Czech Republic, near the town Chelyakovitsa. During excavations for the construction of a new building dead bodies of 13 people were discovered, all of whom were buried in...
How Much Does the Human Head Weigh?How Much Does the Human Head Weigh?
13 Jan.
explains the varied overall weight of different parts of the body. One of the major parts of the human body is water. It makes up about 70-75% of our bodies. The total weight of all organs and parts of a person's body is...
I communicate with aliensI communicate with aliens
21 Mar.
are not your original bodies, they are attachments from us. We are smarter and manipulate the truth in your brain, according to our needs". This is what they allowed me to write. I want to talk to someone about it, but...
Forgotten mysteries of HistoryForgotten mysteries of History
19 Mar.
the bodies from the marshes. It's hundreds of bodies buried in bogs in northern Europe. Before being buried, people were tortured and murdered, most likely to sacrifice. The reason for the collapse of Roman Empire is...
Autopsy of Extraterrestrial Admitted to be RealAutopsy of Extraterrestrial Admitted to be Real
10 Dec.
days everything was driven to complete secrecy. The footage shows 2 extraterrestrial bodies about 5 ft (1.5 m) tall and completely identical to one another. They had large, oval and dark eyes. One was wounded while...
Prehistoric Bloodsucker Shocked ScientistsPrehistoric Bloodsucker Shocked Scientists
10 July
University of Bonn, Germany. The researchers found fossils of salamanders with parasites all over their bodies in the mud. In the lakes where representatives of Jurassica qiyia attacked their victims, there were no fish...
The Universe is Slowly Dying!The Universe is Slowly Dying!
08 Oct.
the other celestial bodies, then eventually merge and disappear. In the aftermath, the Universe will become inhabited by electrons, photons and positrons....
Astonishing Tree Bleeds When CutAstonishing Tree Bleeds When Cut
30 Sept.
faces and bodies. Its bark, in turn, can be used to produce various kinds of high-quality furniture. It's suitable for processing and shrinks during drying, making it exceptionally tough and perfect for building boats...
Jupiter Once Birthed Another Gas Giant Planet in the Solar SystemJupiter Once Birthed Another Gas Giant Planet in the Solar System
04 Nov.
body was ripped from it and pulled in by the gravitational might of the Sun. According to some theories, the gas giants could have also ejected smaller bodies, which then orbited around them, much like our Moon...
People from the Middle Ages Suffered Retardation Due to Lead PoisoningPeople from the Middle Ages Suffered Retardation Due to Lead Poisoning
03 Dec.
cemeteries in Denmark and North Germany, dating back to the Middle Ages. In all of the samples they registered lead quantities much higher than what is considered normal. The lead in the bodies of people living...
Deadly Bacteria are Attacking our Planet!Deadly Bacteria are Attacking our Planet!
03 Dec.
used and resistant to the antibiotics meant to destroy them. Despite this our bodies have found a way to deal with them - they are still vulnerable to the effects of polymyxins. So far... Chinese physicians have...
A Ghost Saved the Lives of Tens of PeopleA Ghost Saved the Lives of Tens of People
30 Oct.
was a danger of fire erupting on the plane. Everyone rushed for the emergency exits and the stewardesses were unable to keep order among the travelers. A few people were hurt by the sea of pressing bodies, all trying...
Gold and Crystals Fight Against Insomnia and DepressionGold and Crystals Fight Against Insomnia and Depression
07 Mar.
Glittering jewels and precious metals help our bodies remain healthy, according to research by the Gemological Institute in the US. The healing properties of gems have been long ingrained in ancient Indian beliefs...
Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!
21 June
protective amulets, while the Native Americans would smear their bodies with hematite powder to protect themselves in battle. In folk medicine, hematite powder was used as a haematopoietic substance in patients who had...
Artist Claims he has Fathered Dozens of Hybrids with an ExtraterrestrialArtist Claims he has Fathered Dozens of Hybrids with an Extraterrestrial
23 May
have encouraged him to continue making babies. Huggins has even taken to painting these extraterrestrials. He describes their bodies to be human-like but with abnormally large eyes and barely noticeable lips. He...

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