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Gold and Crystals Fight Against Insomnia and Depression

Jana G.Jana G.
Precious gems

Glittering jewels and precious metals help our bodies remain healthy, according to research by the Gemological Institute in the US.

The healing properties of gems have been long ingrained in ancient Indian beliefs. And now experts from the American Institute support them with current research.

If you are depressed, holding some golden jewelry is the perfect treatment for normalizing your state. Gold stabilizes our mental being successfully, while also being a wonderful prophylactic against lung diseases. It is enough to hold a gold ring in your hands when you are nervous and your tension will decrease.

Crystals have a similar effect. They have a high energy charge. When close to the body, crystals have a tonic effect on it, they aid in more rapid healing of wounds and stomach pains.

If you do not like looking flashy with crystals all over you, you can take advantage of their healing power by keeping them under your pillow or in a pocket near your body.


Additionally, diamonds protect our nervous system. The most popular stone in the world is also tremendously useful against insomnia. And if combined with white clothes, a diamond has an even greater effect. It is ill-advised to wear a diamond with cracks because then it has an adverse affect on the body.

Rubies have a positive effect on the nervous system, decrease blood pressure, fight against bone diseases and skin problems.

Turquoise is incredibly suitable for an amulet, for it protects against danger. It is good for the heart and it is believed that anyone who wears it will be long-lived.

If you sense a strong attraction toward a precious stone that you see for the first time, do everything in your power to get it. It's a signal from your body that it wants help from that particular stone, explain scientists.