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Artist Claims he has Fathered Dozens of Hybrids with an Extraterrestrial

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David Huggins

"I know many will laugh at me but what I'm sharing is nothing but the truth, " is how artist David Huggins begins recounting his experiences, claiming that he has been having a relationship with an extraterrestrial for decades and that she has given birth to about 50 of their children.

The American man shares that the alien, named Crescent, was also the one whom he lost his virginity to at the age of 17. He shares the full story in a book and film titled "Love and Saucers".

Brad Abrahams, the movie's director, claims that it was difficult for him to persuade David to recount his story.

The artist details how he was first abducted by extraterrestrials at the age of 7. At the time, he had told his parents about the abduction but since he was a kid with an active imagination, they did not pay his story any mind.

Later, his family left Virginia and moved to New Jersey, where David claims he was abducted a second time after turning 17.

David Huggins Abductee

This was no one-time fling, it grew into a serious relationship and the American artist eventually became the father of his first hybrid child. Since then, he alleges to have fathered 50 children with the extraterrestrial woman.

He has maintained contact with the extraterrestrial, explaining that they have a benevolent attitude toward him and have encouraged him to continue making babies.

Huggins has even taken to painting these extraterrestrials. He describes their bodies to be human-like but with abnormally large eyes and barely noticeable lips. He began painting as part of his therapy and today it has grown to be quite popular.

The artist describes his art as a form of Impressionism, which he uses to clearly portray what he has experienced during his contact with the aliens, adding that it has left an imprint not only on his life but on his art.