Medusa the Gorgon

Medusa the Gorgon

The Gorgons were creatures born of the love between the sea deities Keto and Phorcys. Homer only mentions one Gorgon, while Hesiod wrote of 3 sisters, whose names were Stheno, Euryale and Medusa.



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Legends - The Legend of the Sinister Hitchhiker

The Legend of the Sinister Hitchhiker


Tales of mysterious hitchhikers have been told for years in the folklore of many countries around the world. The ghost of a young woman causes drivers' hair to stand on end along remote roads.

Legends - Do Samodivas Exist?

Do Samodivas Exist?


In the mythological sense, samodivas are a mediator between the earthly and unearthly, metaphysical world. However, their beautiful appearance is taken from Slavic customs.

Legends - Beliefs about Spiders

Beliefs about Spiders


If you see a spider run along its web in the afternoon, this means that you'll travel. If you see a spiderweb in the opening of a door, a guest will visit you. If you see a spider at night, it means financial loss.

Legends - Sinister Female Ghosts

Sinister Female Ghosts


According to one of the legends, Bloody Mary was a witch who drank the blood of little girls, in order to look young forever. Another famed ghost is the Queen of Spades.

Legends - Our Pets Shield us from Evil

Our Pets Shield us from Evil


It is believed that cats and dogs are the first to sense a person that crosses the threshold into your home. Animals react immediately when they sense negative energy, intentions for theft or evil.

Legends - The Lost Roanoke Colony

The Lost Roanoke Colony


The first attempt to establish a permanent English settlement in the New World ended tragically with a sinister twist. The Roanoke Colony was named in honor of Sir Raleigh.

Legends - Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box


The legend of Pandora's box hides symbols and truths, expressed as typical of Greek myths and legends.

Legends - Mysteries of the unknown

Mysteries of the unknown


The unknown facts and places are so many and we can not describe them all - there will always be something missing, untold.

Legends - King of Rats

King of Rats


Very little about it is known, but during the Middle Ages it was famous - the mysterious king of rats. This is not fiction or mystification, there is evidence that it exists.

Legends - The most famous Greek myths

The most famous Greek myths


Greek myths and legends tell of gods and heroes. The immortality of the gods is maintained drinking nectar and ambrosia. One of the most famous legends is that of Hercules.

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