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Prepare for the Week Until May 28 with your Horoscope

This week, the energy of the planets is going to urge us to action, which, on the one hand, may provoke conflicts and emotional tension, but will also bring more justice on the other.

The New Moon occurs in Gemini this Thursday, which will give a boost to our curiosity, make us better informed and add a dose of thought to our actions. Our speech will be a focal point, no matter what kind of tasks we're dealing with.

During this week, Mars in Gemini forms an opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius. This will put our personal ambitions at odds with the status quo. Excessive impulsiveness may cause us headaches.

Aries - Open up to new knowledge and information

This week, it's best if you kept your fiery passions to yourself and acted more rationally in front of others, even if this means being colder toward them. Your words and actions need to follow a certain logic because otherwise you risk hurting your reputation. Use the days to come to gain new knowledge. You can sign up for a class or read more. Your mind will be more lively and ready to absorb new info like a sponge.

Taurus - Mind the means available to you when it comes to your wishes

Throughout this week, you're going to have to look at the practical side of your life with more originality and creative thought. Don't be afraid to initiate and provoke new ideas when it comes to your material stability. You need to also mind the conditions around you, instead of just going off in all directions. Focus on a specific goal and try to find a link between your desires and your means. Also stock up on patience because no matter how good your ideas are, you're going to have to wait before you see results from them.

Gemini - Forget old disappointments

In the days until May 28, you're going to need to turn your attention to your old wounds, no matter how unpleasant. You have the opportunity to free yourself of an old feeling of guilt and past disappointments, which ceaselessly occupy your mind. Throughout this week, try to clear up your debts and define all of the limitations that you're going to have to deal with in the months to come. The week may begin with tension in your relations with others. As such, you're advised to be more tactful with your words, in order to avoid causing excessively turbulent conflicts.

Cancer - Be steadfast, in order to achieve your goals

At the start of the week, you're going to feel more swamped at the workplace, which may light sparks between you and your coworkers. It's possible that you'll feel injured and jump into conflicts to prove your rightness in front of others. But you're going to have to exhibit a truly hard character, in order to get your ideas through at the workplace. The days until May 28 are also going to open up a period in which you'll need to get rid of everything that's hindering your achievements. It's time to put an end to all of the relationships and goals that are not yielding any fruit.

Leo - Work as part of a team

Throughout this week, you may have more professional obligations than normal, which could lead you to briefly forgo your personal engagements. But do try to work as part of a team with others. This doesn't meant suppressing your leadership qualities. You can still lead and stimulate progress but you have to allow others to help you. Even if you have the will, you can't handle everything yourself. The week will allow you to meet many new people and enrich your interests.

Virgo - Begin to actively work toward your goals

The new week is providing you opportunities for active work, allowing you to realize your goals in reality. Your ambitions may have grown and there's nothing wrong with this, as long as you stock up on patience and work hard toward their completion. Give your ideas free reign and try to be as hardworking as possible, in order to bring them to a successful finish. Seek the support of your partner or coworkers when you find yourself dealing with complex situations and trust your intuition more.

Libra - Great changes are beginning

The new week will open doors toward great change for you but you must approach these opportunities without fear. Be decisive and initiative because despite you having opportunities, they won't become realized to their full potential if you do not get actively involved. It's likely that a significant part of your worries come out in the open but you shouldn't close yourself off in your shell - instead, fight against them. Put in the necessary efforts and you'll be proud of yourself.

Scorpio - Be more sympathetic toward others

In the week until May 28, you're going to have to show more sympathy toward others and take care of those closest to you. Just be careful not to jump to conclusions and not to distance yourself from important people just because they won't have met all of your expectations. If you're seeking a new love, it's time to act and seek the opinion of those closest to you, in order to figure out what's preventing you from getting into a relationship. New opportunities are also opening up in the professional aspect, plus whatever you begin now will yield fruits for a long time to come.

Sagittarius - It's time to fight for justice

The beginning of the week is going to be brimming with romance and will give you reasons to be with your loved ones more often. You're going to be more emotional, yet this outpouring of feelings is going to bring joy to everyone around you. At work, you'll be forced to display more decisiveness, in order to achieve fair treatment. Be categorical when defending your opinion and don't give ground if you think you're in the right. Singles may meet a suitable person but need to strive for equality in their relationships.

Capricorn - Balance between your professional and personal tasks

This week you're going to be under the influence of powerful emotions and be torn between your professional and personal tasks. In order to handle the heaps of tasks, you're advised to create a schedule and stick to it. Try to be helpful to your loved ones by striking a balance between home and work tasks. You have important upcoming changes, which you'll have to prepare for by creating a solid foundation for their development.

Aquarius - It's time for decisive action

This week you're going to be forced to part with all restrictions and act more creatively. The days to come are going to push you toward progress. Even though you can't be completely sure of the outcome of your actions, you shouldn't stop your ambitions and wait for a more suitable moment. To have success, you need to turn your back on your fear of failure and take a leap of faith. In the middle of the week, you may come to key insights that'll help your plans along.

Pisces - Bring order to your finances

You're going to have to get yourself together and clear up your old obligations throughout this week. Don't expect your finance-related problems to resolve themselves, instead take action accordingly, even if this means working in a way that's atypical for you. As far as anything home-related, you're going to bring order to your problems not by taking old approaches but by trying something more nonstandard. Don't be afraid to be a pioneer and turn your back on traditions.

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