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Find out your Horoscope for the Week Until March 18


In the week until March 18 we're going to be under the influence of the elements of fire and water. March 17 marks the New Moon in Pisces, giving us the opportunity to start something new, while the Sun and Jupiter will be in a trine from the beginning of the week, thereby greatly thrusting creative energy.

This week, Mars changes its sign from Sagittarius, entering Capricorn. It's important to act reasonably, with coordination and discipline this week in order to realize our goals.

Follow the trodden path and seek advice from older individuals, as well as from those with higher authority. Mars in Capricorn also portends disputes with higher ups.

Follow your intuition in the days until March 18, while trying to be gentler and more diplomatic.

Aries - Act reasonably

During this week you're going to be able to get to the root of certain old problems and clear up your plans for the future. But whatever you decide, be reasonable and aim for something that can be realized in reality. This isn't the time to pursue your big fantasies because you may be disappointed. In the days until March 18, seek the second opinion of others for both your personal and professional dilemmas.

Taurus - Meet new people

This week you may create many new contacts that will be useful to you in the future. Get out of your comfort zone and create opportunities for meeting people outside your usual setting. You're going to more easily receive support from others and can initiate some of your old ideas without fear. Toward the end of the week you may feel a strong impulse to pursue some of your past ambitions. Use this motivation to work on your goals.

Gemini - Correct your mistakes on time

This week will bring you various challenges in the professional aspect. It's time to take another look at the projects you're working on and fix your mistakes. Don't be afraid to abandon what is not progressing and which obviously will not bring the expected benefits. The problems will show you the people whom you can actually count on and who will support you in the future. Don't lose your purposefulness, regardless of the obstacles that emerge.

Cancer - Be more restrained

Your creative nature is going to have numerous opportunities for expression over the next few days. But you'll need to be more restrained and not boast excessively before you've made certain that your ideas have the grounds for development. Work quietly and peacefully, without attracting excess attention. In your relationships with others also try to be more cautious, for certain comments could create severe problems for you.

Leo - Have fun and create

This week you're going to be able to express the artistic side of your character and start more creative projects. Give your imagination free reign and don't be afraid to follow your spontaneous impulses. You can direct your creative energy toward your home by starting renovations and refreshing the space around you. You could also plan something fun and adventurous with loved ones.

Virgo - Your ideas will be supported

This week you can rest assured that your ideas will find the necessary support for starting work on them. If you've been having any doubts thus far, during the next few days your friends, coworkers and relatives will take your mind off things. Important information will be revealed and your hesitation will vanish. The days until March 18 will allow you to increase your earnings as long as you're ready to work overtime. Don't ignore the opportunities for higher pay because this money will be needed.

Libra - Be productive at work regardless of your mood

The new week may cause tension in your relations with those around you. You may more often feel alone, misunderstood, while your lack of solidarity could lead you to an emotional crisis. But despite the coldness of others, you need to be more mobile than usual and finish projects you've taken up. If you succumb to negative emotions, you'd be making a bad impression to your superiors.

Scorpio - You can be a teacher to others

Utilize the opportunities this week in order to publicly express your talents and abilities. Whether these abilities are creative or consist of knowledge that you've gained thanks to long experience, make them public. But avoid acting overly self-satisfied because you will be standing out during the next few days. Give others the opportunity to learn from you instead of pushing them away with your arrogant behavior.

Sagittarius - Help the people around you

Be more compassionate and empathetic toward others' problems in the days until March 18. Listen to others' issues without criticizing and attacking them, instead try understanding them. Share your experience and show them that you're going to watch their back throughout the hard times. Be more organized in the financial aspect this week, try not to spend unnecessarily. Come up with a budget and adhere to it.

Capricorn - Create new contacts

This week you're going to more easily attract collaborators, so share your ideas openly and look around for persons who will support you. Aid from the sidelines could save you great expenses and help you realize your ideas faster. Starting midweek you may gain new knowledge and skills that will boost your confidence. Act boldly and don't be afraid of the difficult undertakings.

Aquarius - Work hard and you'll increase your income

Over the next few days you're going to need to focus more on your finances. You may increase your income and stimulate career growth by taking advantage of the circumstances at the workplace. Your efforts will yield results but you need to prepare for hard and focused work. However, try to direct your energy only toward realizable projects that you have support for. Otherwise you'd only be wasting your time.

Pisces - Free yourself of everything unnecessary

Get rid of everything old and unneeded this week. Look around you and throw out everything you no longer use. This will help open your mind to a fresh start and free you of the negative. The week is going to hone your leadership qualities but you must not get too cocky. Have faith in your friends, don't act as if your view is always the best one.