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Your Monthly Horoscope for May

May Horoscope

Exchange of information is going to be hindered during the 1st week of the month of May. As such, getting documents signed may take longer and communication may not run particularly smoothly.

Luckily, this tendency is going to change later on in the month and communication will once again occur smoothly - that is when business negotiations will yield obvious results, while dates between the 2 sexes will stimulate new, romantic relations.

The most tense days throughout May will be the calendar days of 1, 2, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25. It is then that you're going to have to be exceptionally patient and careful. While the days 3, 9, 11, 12, 28, 31 are looking to be the most successful in the professional and personal aspects. Those particular days are going to bring you good news, good fortune and excitement.

Aries - Expect a dynamic and event-filled month

During the 1st 10 days of the month you're going to have favorable opportunities for growing your business, as well as resolving professional issues. But many Aries are not going to take advantage of these opportunities because it's going to be difficult for them to focus. At mid-month, events will continue to develop quickly for those born under this sign and they will have to finally focus and adjust to them, in order to reap the maximum benefit. The end of the month will be the time to slow the tempo down and relax. Now is the time for Aries focus more on themselves and their health in particular.

Taurus - Improve your qualifications

This month, Taureans are going to with ease remember information and grasp theoretical and practical concepts. The stars advise those born under the sign not to waste any time lazing around and instead take advantage of their opportunities. Taureans, right now you would have great successes if you sign up for a language class or other kind of training that would improve your qualifications and make you more competitive on the job market.

Gemini - Carefree days ahead

For Geminis, May is going to be one of the most calm and carefree months. Those of them who have had financial problems are finally going to stand on their feet and be able to take a breather. Throughout the next 4 weeks, they're going to be able to focus their attention on their personal life and loved ones. Married Geminis are going to spend wonderful moments with their family, while the remaining representatives of the sign are going to have time for flirting, teasing and many nights of fun.

Cancer - The affection of loved ones is going to give you wings

Throughout this month, the support and understanding of those closest to you is going to inspire and motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and take actions, which may have seemed frightening until this point. May is going to give you the opportunity to surpass yourself, to view yourself in a new light and to change your life. The coming days are going to be filled with excitement and thrills, plus you're going to feel more confident and free

Leo - You're finally going to get rid of your bad luck

Those Leos who have been going through crash after crash are finally going to forget about the damage suffered and enter the role of the winner. During May, they're going to have numerous ideas, some of which will help them get out of the difficult situation and reap unbelievable success in the aspect that's most important to them. So, trust in your inner voice and follow what your intuition is whispering you.

Virgo - You're going to complicate your own life

During May, Virgos' plans aren't going to coincide with those of the Universe. Those born under this sign are going to try to fly in the face of everything that's been pre-determined any way they can and steer their life down an inappropriate track. But try as they might, they aren't going to be able to realize their intentions. Their headstrong efforts are only going to complicate their daily life and confuse them further.

Libra - You're going to win over everyone you run into with your charm

Throughout May, those born under the sign of Libra are going to be friendly, charming and smiling. Their calm and pleasant nature is going to be sought by everyone. Thanks to their glamor, representatives of this sign are going to be able to get ahead professionally or even change their career with a better-paying one. Libras, who are looking for love, on the other hand, are going to experience exciting and romantic moments.

Scorpio - Your good judgement is going to help spare you problems

Despite that due to their impulsiveness and passionate nature Scorpios can be extremely explosive and unpredictable, this month they're going to exhibit patience and tact. Thanks to their objective judgement and pragmatic thinking, they're not only going to get out of many difficulties, they're also going to achiever their set goals with ease. This is the month when Scorpios are going to realize that patience and calm are the strongest weapons.

Sagittarius - You're finally gaining the confidence you've been missing

Throughout May, nonconfident Sagittarii are finally going to attain incentive and decisiveness. By gaining more self-confidence, they're going to be able face their greatest fears and change their life. During the next 4 weeks, Sagittarii are going to experience turning points in both the professional and love aspects. They are going to consolidate their positions and eliminate all of the opponents in their way.

Capricorn - Expect an emotional month

May is going to be brimming with emotions for those born under the sign of Capricorn. The one who had embittered them in the past will become reason for them shedding tears of joy now. The heightened sensitivity of Capricorns will provide them the opportunity to see themselves from an angle unknown to them thus far and to change their priorities. They're finally going to take the real and essential things in life into account.

Aquarius - Apologize for your mistakes

Admit to the mistake you've made toward someone close to you and apologize. Do everything you can to make up for it and regain their trust. This way you'll assure yourself a clear conscience and spiritual peace. Care not only for your own preservation but your body as well, by reducing the amount of heavy foods you eat this month and changing over to healthier and lighter foods. Your change in your diet may significantly alter your self-perception.

Pisces - Be careful with numbers and estimates

During May, those born under the sign of Pisces are going to be on a romantic wave and flying on the wings of love. But this may turn out to be devastating for other aspects of their life. Distracted and daydreaming Pisces are going to to find it difficult to work with information, estimates and numbers. That is why the stars advise them to carefully scrutinize all documents that come their way.