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Your Most Accurate Horoscope for the Week Until December 10 is Here


This is the first week of retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius. The planet of communication is going to form a conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius, which will allow us to not only spot the shortcomings but provide us the opportunity to correct them.

Misapprehension and mistakes in projects will be evident. What we need is to set clear boundaries - especially when communicating with others, to prevent us from becoming too judgmental.

At week's end, Mars will enter into Scorpio. With this transition, our ambitions are going to lean more toward the emotional and spiritual. We may start to feel less trusting of others but possess the necessary levelheadedness to realize our desires.

Venus in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are in a tense aspect this week, further increasing our suspicions toward others.

Aries - Expect a tense week

The events surrounding you this week are not going to be serene and quiet at all. Yours or your coworkers' mistakes are going to be cause for disagreements and are going to strain the atmosphere at your workplace. But be careful with accusations, don't state anything categorically before you've gathered the required evidence. Disputes this week could orient you toward seeking new opportunities, related to new education or a new profession.

Taurus - Announce your desires openly

Approach your new acquaintances selectively and try to forge long-term contacts with reliable individuals only. Don't be afraid of your competition because you're easily going to deal with it and try to defend your interests to the end. Now is the time to announce your desires openly and work passionately toward them. Thoroughly check your information sources over the next few days, to avoid being mislead.

Gemini - Be more organized

Expect misunderstandings related to past promises of yours. It's possible that your words were not understood properly or for problems to occur with already initiated obligations and signed contracts. Impose strict organization on yourself and first clear up the gaps without looking for excuses. Think about unwinding and cleansing the body toward week's end. You can sign up for exercise or start a new diet.

Cancer - Find more time for a break

At the start of this week, try to take care of your own self, without expecting others to fulfill your wishes. Organize and do what you desire. Be more mature and independent over the next few days, while unwinding from your daily chores and assuring more time for a break. However, at the end of the week it's important that you set clear goals for yourself that you'll be working on until the end of December.

Leo - Work to fix the oversights yourself

In the days until December 10, you'll be facing defunct ideas and turmoils, which you need to take on and fix. Don't overlook the mistakes you'll face, nor hand over the responsibility to someone else out of excessive ambition. It's time to roll up your sleeves and bring order to your work yourself. Alter the circumstances if they're hindering you and change whatever you need to to finish what you've started.

Virgo - Smooth out misunderstandings with others

It's time to, over the course of this week, reassess subjects related to your daily routine and relations with those closest to you. It's time to re-analyze your greatest problems and lapses in communication and work toward resolving them. Organize yourself well over the next few days and try to keep an eye on every detail in the tasks you've taken up. Toward the end of the week, your communication with those around you will run smoother.

Libra - Be more active in realizing your goals

Starting this week, an active period begins in your professional and personal aspects. You have the opportunity to increase your earnings, as long as you're active and ambitious enough. Set goals for yourself and don't be afraid to pursue them. Over the next few days, those around you may turn out to disappoint after you discover that they've been saying one thing but doing another behind your back. But you shouldn't be too furious in your reactions once you learn the truth.

Scorpio - Get your greatest dreams under way

Over the next week, you're going to be charged with enough willpower and ambition to realize plans you've long been dreaming about. Use your influx of energy to kick off the pursuit of your dreams but be cautious with the information and don't be overly trusting of new sources. Over the next few days, you may resolve your problems related to others and work toward more stable relations.

Sagittarius - Don't be too touchy

Be more restrained this week and even if you hear or see something unpleasant, don't react too intensely. Though you can't stand having your dignity hurt, this is not the time to be overly touchy and to cause conflicts with those around you. Try to look more lightly to the events around you, without dramatizing needlessly. At the end of the week, you're going to have more opportunities for creative expression but to achieve it you're going to have to isolate yourself from big groups and be alone.

Capricorn - Forgive the people who have hurt you in the past

It's time to clear up the misunderstandings with someone you highly respect and to forgive each other. You're going to go back to situations from the past that have remained unsolved, in order to smooth out your differences and set common goals with those around you. At week's end, don't miss the opportunities to be more social and communicate with people whom you share the same interests. Be initiative when meeting new people.

Aquarius - Don't overlook disputes with friends

Various disputes may erupt in your relations with your closest friends but the key thing is to clear up any information that's been taken the wrong way, instead of ignoring it or delaying the resolution of the problems because over time they will worsen. Try not to take up any new tasks over the next week without finishing what you've already started.

Pisces - Focus on your end goals

Good opportunities await you in the professional aspect this week but you need to organize yourself well and not run from the challenges. You're likely to face mixed up schedules and unkept promises that will slow your work down. But despite this, you shouldn't give up on the tasks you've already begun, instead focus as best as you can on the end goal. Motivate yourself and don't expect the problems to resolve themselves.