Find out What the Stars Have Planned for you the Week Until March 5

Venus's retrograde period in Aries begins this week. The apparent backward motion of the planet will throw us back to old subjects related to partner relationships, art, justice and beauty.

Venus becomes retrograde on Saturday; in the days prior we're still going to be under the influence of Mars in Aries, which is going to be more active than usual. The Red Planet forms aspects with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter, which are going to be in cardinal signs throughout the week.

The cardinal cross is going to start processes of great changes. We can part with all unneeded things, as the plans that don't lead anywhere will face complete failure.

Aries - Be moderate and don't give in to emotions

The days until March 5 are going to be memorable for you, while your impulsive qualities will be provoked. However, if you give priority to your spontaneity and don't comply with any of your premade plans, you're going to cause yourself a lot of headaches. Try to control your emotions and words during the week because any foolish behavior will only need to extremely unsound decisions, the consequences of which will dog you long after the fact. Toward the end of the week, avoid making important decisions in your love life.

Taurus - You're going to become more suspicious than usual

Your suspicion toward others will incite pressure during the week. It's likely that the lack of clarity around joint projects or others' allusions will make you more suspicious, leaving you with the sense that someone wants to hurt you. Seek the truth and don't succumb to fears when it comes to your professional projects. Use the last days of the week to seek solutions to the problems in the love aspect.

Gemini - Defend your positions in front of others

During this week you're going to have the opportunity to reach a great many of your long-term goals but you're going to have to display greater patience. It's possible that your friends or coworkers don't approve of your dealings, meaning you're going to have to stand up for your intentions. Prepare solid arguments and don't give up on your position, even if others push you. At the end of the week, you're advised to place well-defined borders between yourself and others, without letting even those closest to you cross them.

Cancer - Be more cautious

The days until March 5 require you to take a more wary approach, to avoid stressful situations. Don't give in to your spontaneous instincts, even if you're convinced that your personal ambitions depend on them. Load yourself with confidence because you'll face no small number of challenges on the way to your goals. Believe in your abilities and carry out your tasks step by step. Toward the end of the week you're going to have to take a second look at your future plans.

Leo - Keep a part of your projects a secret

The new week is going to ignite the adventurous side of your character and you're going to feel challenged to show your best. But if you give in to every single provocation, you're only going to raise the tension in your daily life. Try to keep a part of your projects a secret and not to necessarily seek the attention of others. You're not always going to earn applause and approval, which is something that could lead you to falter on your way forward. Toward the end of the week you're going to have the opportunity to restore the shaken harmony in your relationship.

Virgo - A dynamic week ahead

The week is going to be full of changes for you and your days are going to be dynamic in every single aspect. Expect huge surprises, as well as truths emerging from unexpected places and information that will guide your actions in a different direction. Suppressed memories or emotions, and forgotten events will once again emerge; this time they are going to be unavoidable. This is no time to postpone your tasks, rather it's a time to work on them with even greater diligence. At the end of the week you're going to be able to express your dissatisfaction pertaining to your relations with others.

Libra - A hectic week

Expect a series of challenges this week that will take you out of your comfort zone and worsen your communication with others. If you don't keep your promises and preplanned arrangements, you've got some tough days ahead. Therefore, no matter how difficult it may be to you, try to stick by the tasks you've previously set. Get ready for fun and stock up on patience when not everything goes according to plan. Toward the end of the week you're going to have to give priority to relations with your partner.

Scorpio - Sympathize more with those around you

Show the compassionate side of your character this week by not judging others for their mistakes and instead trying to understand them. Sympathize more toward the situations around you instead of isolating yourself and saying that they don't concern you. The days until March 5 may reveal crucial information to you, with which you'll be more confident in your plans for the future. You have the chance to overcome a great many of your worries and gain clarity as to the prospects before you.

Sagittarius - Pay more attention to your loved ones

Throughout the new week you're going to have to pay more attention to your loved ones and home, while handling long-overlooked problems in these fields. You may be sharper of tongue and more impulsive in your reactions but you're going to have to placate this behavior of yours if you do not wish for the days until March 5 to be filled with conflicts. Avoid being the center of attention and try to work as part of a team. The end of the week may bring you predicaments, with which you're going to have to be more patient.

Capricorn - Don't undertake risky actions

In the week until March 5 it's going to be hard for you to find the balance between work and family. Tension will be higher in both aspects and make you deviate from your usual schedule. Watch out for situations that are too risky because they are not going to lead you to anything good. Don't undertake anything extreme that threatens your sure position. At week's end, you're going to have better control over the circumstances and your confidence will return.

Aquarius - You're going to be busier than usual

For you, the week is going to be busy with personal, as well as professional tasks. You may be busier than usual but do try to rest, as the stress is going to have a negative effect on you. Your finances are going to be your primary focus this week as well, although you're going to have the chance to bring improvements your financial dealings, as long as you're consistent with the initial conditions. The end of the week opens opportunities for improving your education.

Pisces - Reveal your talents

You need to take advantage of the opportunities this week in order to reveal your talents. Be amidst people more and don't worry about being the center of attention, as you're easily going to earn the public's ovations. Use this moment to develop your inborn talents. At the end of the week you're going to have to think about your relations with your partner and take a clear look at your problems. It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and come back down to earth.

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