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Find out What the Stars have in Store for you on April 7


Throughout the day, it's going to be difficult for us to make decisions without getting into a conflict with someone around us. We need to keep ourselves concentrated and follow the rules, in order to avoid failure.

The Moon enters the sign of Virgo today and will get us thinking more critically but also urge us to make only choices that would benefit us. We have the opportunity to determine our priorities.

The Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Libra form an aspect that will encourage us to see more opportunities that obstacles. Despite this, it's recommended that we rely more on our common sense than our instincts.


You have a dynamic day up ahead that you'll easily handle, as long as you work with the people around you. Even though you like working alone and being independent, this time you're going to have to accept aid from others because with it you'll be able to realize your dreams.


You have to put your professional goals up front because if you overlook them, you risk being replaced or losing the position you've already earned. Act on whatever you have planned and stop postponing your growth. You're going to have more time for a break during the weekend.


The day will bring you quite a lot of instability but if you cease to work with the same confidence as you have so far, you risk wasting your efforts. So keep your eyes on the big prize and don't give ground, despite any temporary misunderstandings. Look for solutions and don't avoid discussions, no matter how heated they become, because they may be beneficial to you.


Your frequent changes in mood are going to affect your professional and personal tasks today. Try to express your emotions and share your worries, instead of leaving others with a sense of perplexity due to your behavior. Don't ignore your intuition either because it can serve as an extremely loyal adviser.


The absence of clearly defined borders today is going to cause you hardships, which is why you need to determine what you can and cannot get done today from the very start of the day. Be flexible and don't cling to the same solution once obvious signs appear that it's not going to work for you. Also try to keep your approach adaptable and your mind open, in order to reap benefits.


Creative opportunities are going to be everywhere around you and the only thing that's going to cause you issues is your inborn pedantism. You don't need to create unrealistic expectations for yourself but don't cling strictly to predetermined principles either. Keep your mind open to opportunities and don't be afraid to dream big.


If you look at both sides of the problem today, you're going to have better chances of resolving it. Don't limit yourself to one choice, be open to alternatives. You're going to have a wider range of opportunities if you discuss your intentions with others. The more you resist, the greater chance for success you'll have.


You're on your way to huge achievements, especially of the material kind, if you continue to pursue your goals with the same fervor. Even if doubts appear, don't pay much mind to them, instead focus on the tasks you've set your sights on. Follow your schedule and old plans because they'll lead to success.


Be wary today and don't make spontaneous decisions because they may lead to failure. If unexpected events occur, try to research them thoroughly before making decisions about them. Do not turn your back on your plans because of something unknown.


The clearer vision you have of the future, the greater chance for success you'll have. The day will help you clear up the misunderstandings surrounding your plans and help you put your feet on the ground. Your rational nature will be to your benefit when analyzing the circumstances and events happening to you.


Even though today you'll be motivated to act, don't take risks that put your authority at risk one way or another. Don't react in an overly optimistic manner at any new proposals, instead retain a dose of skepticism that'll keep you anchored to reality.


Realizing your dreams will depend, to a great extent, on how well you collaborate with others. Work with those around you and don't ignore their opinion, as you can reap great benefits from their advice. Invest in your future but do try to work as part of a team.