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Find out What the Stars Portend for May 26


The Moon in Gemini is going to form strong aspects with Venus, Mars and Saturn today, bringing with it various ups and downs. The day is going to be an intense one and you should not avoid work.

At the beginning of the day, the Moon is going to form a harmonious aspect with Venus in Aries, bringing different kinds of little enjoyments into our daily life, briefly taking our mind off of things and bringing joy.

But we must not ignore our bigger responsibilities, because the Moon is in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius and avoiding these can only lead to headaches.


Even though you wish you could be more spontaneous, you're going to have to weigh your words because even the most insignificant conversations may lead you to serious conflicts, if you don't watch what you say. Try to maintain your positive mood throughout the day, even if you find yourself facing past mistakes. You have the opportunity to act differently and resolve misunderstandings.


The little achievements throughout the day are going to increase your confidence but you shouldn't become too arrogant. If you demonstrate your superiority in front of others too much, there's a danger of you making huge enemies. Enjoy your victories but don't seek compliments at all costs, just let others see your progress for themselves.


You're going to attract others with your sharp wit today but in your attempts to impress them with your knowledge you may actually leave a bad impression. Try not to exaggerate but stick to the truth in your stories because you're going to get exposed quickly if you're lying. Watch out for manipulations yourself.


During the day you're going to want to keep your thoughts to yourself but if you do not discuss your troubles with someone else, they are only going to drive you off the rails. Find a person you can trust and share what's preoccupying your mind. It's going to be easier for you to find the logic behind things if you seek advice.


You may have a lot of unpleasant things to deal with today but if you count on those around you, you'll handle them quickly. Even though you're confident in your abilities, don't hesitate to seek help if more tasks pop up. The day is the perfect occasion to see who your friends are because only those who truly care for you will respond when times are dire.


Various proposals for fun may appear today but you need to stick to your schedule. It's not going to be easy to turn your back on fun due to work but if you uphold your premade plans you're going to see concrete results very soon. So postpone indulgence for when you really have a reason to celebrate.


Information today may show you various new opportunities but these won't become realized if you do not act. Begin working diligently on carrying out your intentions and you'll be pleasantly surprised by your incredible fortune. If you're attracted to the arts, the day is suitable for creative pursuits because your imagination will be in full swing.


A number of obstacles are going to get in the way of your plans but if you take control, you're going to handle every single challenge. Accept the fact that you're not doing a perfect job in every single field, the way you'd like, and begin correcting your mistakes. Get yourself together and be active in order to overcome the issues.


Even though you're usually direct and have no problem stating your desires outright, today you're advised to choose your words wisely. Don't coax others around you into being rude because this type of behavior will only hinder a significant portion of your tasks. Try to make more compromises with others and be tactful when giving criticism.


An abundance of obligations is going to crowd your schedule today but your influx of energy is going to help you deal with everything and on time to boot. Don't relax yet because fate is giving you golden opportunities to realize what you desire. After you've put everything in order and carried out your responsibilities, you'll be able to enjoy a well-deserved break.


Despite wanting to take your mind off things and turning your back on your big responsibilities, this is not a good idea. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you won't have to deal with your obligations by resting now when you should be working. Leave fun aside for your free time, be more disciplined for the majority of the day.


It's time to take care of your personal needs by prioritizing your personal goals and not those of others. You may encounter a plethora of obstacles but must not let this discourage you. Pursue your goals with more confidence and don't let others dissuade you because you'll regret it later.