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Find out What the Horoscope Brings you Today - December 9

The Moon will be moving through Aries today as well, encouraging us to be more active and get our plans and big dreams going. Don't postpone your actions any longer, so you don't miss the good opportunities.

The Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra form an aspect that advises us not to be humble with regards to our wishes but instead ask for as much as possible because chances are high we'll receive it.

Think outside the box and don't mind the standards that only limit your thinking and actions.

Aries - Today you're going to have to be more patient with the people around you and not explode every time someone doesn't agree with you. Try to listen closely to their advice and even if you don't carry it out exactly as stated, you can still gain experience from it. If you're at odds with others, you're going to cause great difficulties for yourself.

Taurus - Try to share some of your greatest fears with someone you can trust. Don't suppress your feelings, let your emotional world run free because today you may indeed find understanding and support. Even if you don't feel comfortable putting your emotions in the spotlight, do it today so you don't torture yourself needlessly.

Gemini - Work with your friends and coworkers will be much more productive today, so don't take the tasks on yourself, instead work as a team. Rely on your communication skills to spread your ideas. Throughout the day you're going to have plenty of enthusiasm and positive energy with which to handle the most pressing matters.

Cancer - Your great ambitions can lead you to sure success today if you gather your courage and take more risks. It may be a real challenge for you to step away from your safety zone and act based on information you haven't reviewed beforehand but it is indeed this that will guarantee your progress. Don't postpone anything because your good fortune will pass you by.

Leo - Today you're going to have the opportunity to not only work faster than normal but have the fruits of your labor be truly high quality. Rely on your judgment and initial impulses whenever you're faced with any kind of choice. Follow your inner instincts 100% and you won't make any wrong decisions. Persons who work in a creative field may create projects today that they're going to be very proud of.

Virgo - Unexpected events today are going to pull you away from your usual routine and make you rearrange the schedule you've already created. Try not to react frantically against any novelties and not resist them because this way you'll only see the negative ones. Try to utilize the information and employ it in your everyday life, so you don't create obstacles for yourself.

Libra - Your energy is going to ebb and flow throughout the day and just as you find yourself highly willing to work at one moment, in the next you're going to feel lazy and in need of a break. You're not going to be completely sure about when you should act, as the signals are going to be mixed. But if you're more open toward the new and especially toward surprises, you may find yourself heading on the right path toward change.

Scorpio - You have a whole lot of tasks to do today and if you don't start on them, they're only going to get more complicated over time. Be more organized and active when it comes to your work, don't wait for anyone to motivate you, instead be the one who motivates others around you, taking the leadership position in the group. Today you may receive a promotion if you're not afraid of the responsibility.

Sagittarius - It'll be difficult for you to take any particular position today, as your feelings are pulling you in 2 different directions. On the one hand, you're going to see the positive opportunities in which you can invest your time and energy, but on the other it'll be hard for you to overcome your fears, which are telling you not to make any changes. But this is temporary and soon you'll see how everything that's been happening has actually been clearing up the circumstances around you.

Capricorn - Exhibit greater persistence in the pursuit of your goals because you have a chance to accomplish them if you don't give up. It's possible for you to accomplish great achievements in your professional and personal life, as long as you act, instead of just planning. You're going to provide a huge boost to your reputation and self-confidence if you're more goal-oriented.

Aquarius - Focus on your personal plans today and don't let anyone stop you from what you have planned. Don't give up on your ideas, instead - be more persistent in order to realize them. A number of provocations may come up which make you doubt your own opinion but do not give in to them under any circumstances.

Pisces - Today you're going to have to mainly take care of your professional tasks. Don't postpone starting certain projects any longer because you're going to miss golden opportunities to unlock their full potential. You're going to feel great satisfaction from your work, especially if you act on the spot, following only your impulses and intuition.

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