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What the Horoscope has in Store for you Today - December 16


The Moon enters Leo after 15:15 today and activates our energy. Before that, don't take on anything important or anything that requires high responsibility - you'll be met with obstacles and ultimately won't achieve anything.

After this time, work as fast as you can to finish up everything you need to today.

There's little time left until retrograde Mercury. You may be feeling its slowed movement due to the stagnation and small problems present.

Mercury becomes static on December 18 and will be retrograde from December 19 until January 8, 2017. The period does not allow for starting new undertakings and is not particularly favorable.

Aries - You'll be buried by an avalanche of events that'll shake up your routine and everyday life. You're going to try to expand your freedom of action. You use and realize your original ideas, while still realizing your goals and tasks. You find yourself taking on a leadership role, which will introduce you to unique individuals.

Taurus - Your creative thought and acumen are at their peak. Others' thoughts and feelings are completely transparent to you. You see every possible perspective, as well as every hidden intention. The day is suitable for negotiations, discussions, projects and responsible expression of opinion. Be careful with any idealistic concepts.

Gemini - Today, the stars advise you to express your freedom and be yourself in group activities and when communicating with friends. Boredom gives way to variety. You feel the need to surround yourself with people who are unique in their own way. This time frame allows for big purchases. Still, be careful not to exceed your budget.

Cancer - Small losses, sudden turnabouts and differences in opinion - your day is definitely not going to be a boring one. Be cautious when meeting new people. Expect misunderstandings in love, total disharmony and small accidents. It's best to limit your activities to a minimum.

Leo - The day brings a positive and harmonious energy. Don't hesitate when signing/making contracts and fixing mistakes when communicating with influential persons and institutions. Expect new business relations and financial support when realizing new projects.

Virgo - Harmful qualities, such as false pride, egotism and dictatorship toward those under you and coworkers, will appear today. They will not be willing to help you. You're going to have conflicts with your enemies too. Don't give in to gambling and any lotteries because your chances of winning are near 0. Your conflicts with authorities are only going to complicate your position. No one's going to show you any support or understanding.

Libra - Today's aspect is making you lean toward independence. Anxiety washes over you, making you free yourself from all limitations. This is only a good thing if you're not at work. It's best if you take a rest and go on walks. A change or something unexpected is going to happen to you that will require you to adapt. You're going to get into a conflict with friends or a group of people.

Scorpio - Your life and inner essence are in sync. Assert yourself and find new fields for expressing your talents. You're going to discover new areas of activity to match the leadership qualities that are developing in you. This is a stage of growth in which you're reevaluating your priorities and finally openly stressing your personal needs and desires.

Sagittarius - The day has a direct effect on your nervous system. Despite this, you're ready to face life as it is. Joys increase. Pleasant and unpleasant surprises await you, as well as new proposals, messages and visits. The stars advise you not to rush.

Capricorn - Whether you're ready or not - change is coming for you. With the new beginning also comes an element of independence, one that will drastically change your worldview. Even if you want to keep things as they are, it would be wise to welcome the changes. In fact, it's best if you initiate them. This is the only way for you increase the likelihood that the period will be primarily a positive and enlightening one. Take preventative measures to control your stormy nature.

Aquarius - You're open to changes and the time is favorable for welcoming the routine. This will allow you to advance in the field of positive personality growth. Good opportunities open before you but only if you position yourself such that they end up in your path.

Pisces - Tension accumulates in the final work day of the week. Discontent, plus the various difficulties and obstacles are going to be dogging you during the active part of your day. You're going to encounter sudden and unexpected losses, as well as excessive spending. Try to find a single constructive solution to the problems - it's the only way to achieve positive results.