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Find out your Horoscope for December 8


This Friday allows us to finish the work week fittingly. It's going to be one brimming with positive energy and will allow us the opportunity to let off steam and have a little fun. Our communication with others is going to be pleasant, our mood a happy, cheerful and even lewd one.

This is undoubtedly going to breathe new life into the relationships of those who are in one, as well as lead to a lot of flirting for those of us who are seeking love. The Moon in Leo is going to further catalyze all of this.

However, there is one important thing we need to keep in mind. We must not let our euphoria and playful mood drive us to reckless actions.

Keep in mind that due to the tense aspect formed between Venus and Neptune, some negative events may occur in our partnerships between friends and romantic partners.


Expect a day loaded with important tasks and significant events. Don't let this worry you because you're going to handle everything flawlessly. Financial gains are also possible today. Someone you've loaned money to will likely want to pay you back. Of course, it's not unlikely for you to gain additional proceeds a different way.


During the first few hours of the day, avoid communicating for extended periods of time and do not, under any circumstances, burden anyone in your company with personal questions. Your curiosity will rouse irritation in them. During the 2nd half of the day, forget about your worries and relax. Expect a pleasant evening in the company of friends, as well as interesting new acquaintances.


A conflicting day lies ahead but overall it's going to serve you more positive emotions. You're going to be faced with a complex choice that's going to confuse and frighten you. But you will be able to make the right decision as long as you listen to your intuition. By the day's end, you're also likely to get into a small conflict with someone but if you retain self-control, you'll find common ground.


You're going to easily communicate with others today and enjoy their approval. You're advised to utilize the day to discuss issues that require others' collaboration. Today is the day you're going to win over allies to your causes without excess efforts and drama. Your evening is going to be a pleasant and homey one, no matter where you decide to spend it.


It's possible that annoying misunderstandings will sour your mood during the 1st half of the day. But after that, the atmosphere will relax and the tension will give way to a euphoric aura. Expect a pleasant surprise by the end of the night. There's also a possibility you'll receive something you've long been dreaming of.


It's going to be a favorable day for those of you who intend to bring a change of some kind to your life. If you plan on starting a new venture, now is the time to begin its realization. The day is also extremely crucial for those Virgos who have wronged someone and now wish to fix their mistake. If they decide to apologize, it will be accepted.


If you've planned a ton of tasks for today, don't wait till the last moment to realize them. It is in fact the morning that will be the most fruitful period of the day. As it progresses, you will become increasingly distracted and feel increasingly festive. By the evening, you're going to be in the mood for fun only.


Your day begins with intensity. From the very morning you're going to have to make important decisions and face a series of problems. This will exhaust you both mentally and physically. The evening comes bearing leisure and relaxation. You're going to meet many new people, while your intuition is going to hint at which of them you can trust.


Changes are going to occur in your personal life today. Don't let these frighten you because they are for the better. During the 2nd half of the day, be wary and don't overly trust people you've recently met. Refrain from consumption of alcohol because it could incite you to frivolous behavior and actions that you'll regret the next day.


Throughout the day you're going to be swamped. Additionally, many individuals are going to have need of your aid and will be constantly pestering you with their problems. You're going to have to order your priorities and leave all small and insignificant tasks aside because you're simply not going to have the time to finish everything.


Today you're going to allow yourself open expression of your opinion and your comments definitely won't be liked by many. However, those most affected by your words won't actually admit to you that you've hurt them. But you're sure to earn yourself hidden enemies. Tonight, you're going to have the opportunity to be amidst influential people. Be wary with them because they may bring you trouble.


Pisces, you're going to have many concerns and worries today. But if you heed the lessons from others' experience, you'll be able to handle many of them. You may have to sign important documents or resolve financial difficulties. You may also find yourself making an unexpected large purchase for your home.