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Find out Your Horoscope for Today - May 3


The Moon will be moving through Aries today, leading us to grow more impatient, while some of us even make severe mistakes due to this hastiness, as Mars and Mercury are retrograde and punish any impulsive action.

Aries - You may be offered to go on a business trip, which will expand your worldview. You may grow wiser if you begin to think more creatively and forget some of your own standards. The different setting and new people will help your development.

Taurus - Throughout the day you'll be filled with enthusiasm for new things and won't approve of those who are just resting on their laurels. You're charged with a strong passion and energy to take on a new path. But also seek out allies who are ready to support your ideas to the end.


Gemini - Today you can pleasantly surprise a loved one with a gift, one you'll have to spend a little bit more on. The occasion is a good one, so spare no expense. It's likely you'll travel today and spend your free time among some pleasant company.

Cancer - You have a wonderful opportunity for professional advancement today if you are more organized and disciplined. Be more active and take on more tasks so that you earn a raise in due time. Organize your time wisely so you can rest as well.

Leo - Today you can reward someone who has been trying hard to impress you lately. The day is suitable for planning trips with friends but don't take concrete action for now. Don't disrupt your normal routine with impulsiveness because you may regret it.

Virgo - Before you come to any specific decision, be sure to check the information so you don't face any unnecessary risk. A piece of good news may lead to a reason to celebrate among the company of your closest friends and relatives.

Libra - If you work in the field of new technologies, you're going to experience drastic turning points today. A single event will make you think and work in an entirely new way starting today. The day is appropriate for starting a new diet and selling some of your old possessions.

Scorpio - You'll worry throughout the day because your plans depend on another person who is not responding to your plea for help. Despite the stress, try not to lose faith today and continue to work as you have so far. Don't trust others' promises and don't lose confidence in your abilities.


Sagittarius - You may successfully complete a buying or selling transaction today. Use information from the internet throughout the day to make sure you're not making a big mistake and to avoid unnecessary risk.

Capricorn - Technologies and coworkers will help you throughout the day. Ask for the collaboration of others in order not to create problems for yourself. Don't worry, instead share what's bothering you. Throughout the day you may learn curious details about the life of a loved one.

Aquarius - Today you'll meet interesting people, even though at the beginning you'll feel as though you have nothing in common with those new individuals. You may end up discussing property matters with loved ones. Seek out more information so that you can give useful advice.

Pisces - Today your contacts will be with those who live abroad or who work with foreigners. The advice given by these individuals may further your own plans. An interesting turning point is coming in your personal life as well, resulting from your being in the mood for something new.