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Find out What the Horoscope has in Store for you for June


During June, Mars will continue its retrograde journey through Scorpio and will get out of this phase on the last day of the month. The first month of summer will begin with a New Moon in Gemini.

Aries - A rough start of the month but the problems will be resolved

You're going to experience serious financial hardships at the beginning of the month but after the first tougher week, new projects will give you more opportunities for good income. You'll do well at work if you rely on your communication skills and knowledge. As the month progresses, your problems will be resolved, while during the final days of June you may make an intriguing deal with excellent financial benefits.


Taurus - You'll solve your financial problems only by working more

Money problems will trouble you during the first few days of June. You're going to have to be more penny-wise than usual and this is not something not to your liking. But the second week of the month will present you new opportunities which may pay off handsomely if you put in more effort. Extra projects will appear, which you shouldn't turn down because they're a chance for more money. At the end of the month you're going to have more days off and will feel relieved once your financial burdens are left behind.

Gemini - You'll be swamped by urgent tasks

You're going to feel the time pressure during the 1st half of the month. There won't be any lack of assignments and you're going to have to work till exhaustion in order to finish them. Be consistent and carefully look over every little detail so you don't make big mistakes. Oftentimes you'll wonder about whether to follow your intuition or heed the opinion of others. You're going to have to be more patient in your personal relationships and avoid serious confrontations.

Cancer - Be careful with spending

You have a chance to improve your standing at work and earn more money if you mobilize and work more than you rest. Be very careful with your spending and don't take out any loans that will be hard to pay back. You're not going to be particularly enthusiastic at the beginning of the summer but in the last days of June the additional income will put you in a better mood. Thanks to your partnerships and contracts you'll manage to stand on your feet and guarantee a stable income not only for this month but until the end of the year as well.

Leo - It'll be hard for you to pay all of your bills

You're going to be looking for an additional source of income this month because it'll turn out that your expenses seriously exceed your earnings. The 1st days of the month will be the hardest, when your bills and credit card debt are going to seem too large and impossible to pay back. Think about what you can sell and give up certain luxuries in order to pay off your debt. New offers for a better job are going to appear at the end of the month, which will help you with the hardships.


Virgo - You'll find your calling in your career

As early as the 1st few days of the month you may be offered a better paying job, coming from people who have noticed your talents. Throughout this month you're going to find your true calling in your career. During the 2nd half of the month you're going to have to resolve issues related to real estate. Your loved ones are going to fill you with positive emotions and prove to you that you can always count on their support.

Libra - You're doing well at school and at work

If you're supposed to receive an additional certificate this month or have plans related to education, start them after the New Moon on June 5. From that point on they'll be able to progress faster and have a greater chance for a successful end. This month you're going to feel like you can't focus your energy in a single direction. Inform yourself better about your upcoming projects before you take specific actions. Your efforts on the professional front will be rewarded and you will doubtlessly be praised for your work.

Scorpio - You can improve your financial future

The future of your finances depends on your investments and savings throughout this month. Don't hesitate to ask for advice if you don't feel competent enough in successfully managing your money. At work you'll receive generous bonuses because your higher-ups will notice your efforts. Unexpected earnings at the end of the month will significantly improve your financial future.

Sagittarius - Partnerships will be key for you this month

Throughout the month you'll be completely focused on your romantic relationship. You'd like to bring more harmony into your relations but you'll only manage to do this during the 2nd half of the month. At the beginning of June you may start new business partnerships that will have a positive effect on your financial situation. More income will also make you more generous toward others.

Capricorn - Professional growth is on the horizon

Many positive moments at the workplace await this month. You may get promoted at your current job or receive an offer for a better paying one. You're going to enjoy excellent communication with coworkers and working as part of a team will bring you satisfaction. If your projects are at the starting stage, you can expect collaboration from others, who will help in their realization.

New Moon

Aquarius - Complete harmony with others

Singles have huge chances of finding a partner this month, especially after the New Moon on June 5. Relationships started this month are going to have great potential because you'll experience easier mutual understanding with the opposite sex. You're going to bring harmony when communicating with others without too much effort. You'll have to emotionally support a friend who has lost confidence in themselves at the end of the month.

Pisces - Your attention will be preoccupied by home and family

Significant changes await this month but most of them will be positive. Your attention will be focused toward home and family and no matter what your plans are, it's important to coordinate them with your partner. You may begin to remodel or look for a new place to live but you shouldn't make decisions without your partner. Singles have an opportunity to find a new love during the 1st half of the month. Toward the end of June you'll focus your efforts on your career.