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Weekly Horoscope Until August 10th

A trine between Mars and Neptune on Thursday will heighten your intuition and desire to help others. The full moon in Aquarius this Sunday will bring your concealed feelings out in the open.

A quadrant between the Sun and Mercury on Friday will ruin all of your attempts to put trust in anyone. A trine between Uranus and Saturn will encourage avant-garde ideas.

Aries - Don't turn your back on your problems

Even though you will have fun most of the time, you need to be aware that there is a problem in your everyday life that you need to address. It's possible for a new romance to bring you financial problems. Your motivation near the end of the week will be sufficiently lacking - that's why you need to find an answer to everything that's bothering you.

Taurus - Be careful with your words, in order to avoid arguments

Battles for control are being waged around you, so be careful with your words and actions if you want to avoid issues. This will not be easy however, since the movement of Mars in Scorpio will encourage severe arguments. The full moon in Aquarius this Sunday will give your old ideas and projects the right of way.

Gemini - Communication is of key importance

For you the week will be quite lively and linked with many social contacts. The aspects of the planets in the coming days will urge you to form new friendships and communicate more. Communication will be of key importance this week, especially with people you don't see very often. The weekend presents a wonderful opportunity for romance.

Cancer - You're headed toward success

This week you will direct your energy only toward the opportunities that are expected to bring you success in the future. To increase your income, you need to increase your creative contacts as well. This week, it is possible for your partner to annoy you tremendously with their refusal of going to social events together. Despite this, on Sunday your relations with them will be smoothed out.

Leo - You will say things you've been suppressing for a long time

full moon

You will be in your element this week when it comes to having fun and traveling with friends. You will have problems in the family however, of which you are aware of but have left to take a backseat. The full moon this Sunday will make you say things that you've been suppressing within you for a long time.

Virgo - Your thoughts lead you toward the spiritual

You will think a lot about your spiritual world this week. You will think on your goals and dreams and about compensation for that which you've been unable to achieve when you've acted uncertainly. The week will provide you with valuable insights and clarity pertaining to your future plans.

Libra - Slight problems with communication

You might have slight problems with communication this week but they will be resolved quickly if you compromise. Small quarrels with your partner are also possible but they won't last long either. The time spent with friends will cheer you up significantly and allow you to see your plans from a more calm perspective.

Scorpio - You will focus on your career

This week you will have freedom of action and the opportunity to demonstrate your best skills. You will focus on your career to improve your successes. First you'll need to take care of unfinished tasks, in order to prepare for new projects. The full moon will bring you huge parties.

Sagittarius - Don't do anything you'll regret

This Sunday be careful not to say or do anything that you will regret later. Your emotions will be stronger and more intense this weekend but try to control them. As a whole, your workweek will be quite serene, and you will spend your free time sleeping, reading or watching movies.

Capricorn - Be careful with money spending


This week you will get the intense urge to share money and possessions. It's possible for a temptation to appear in front of you one of these days, which you will give in to. Be careful with money spending so that you're not sorry later. Your social life will also get moving this week, when you surround yourself with friends.

Aquarius - You rely fully on your instincts

This week, when talking to people, it's possible for you to ignore their words and rely fully on your own instincts. Even so, your relations with the people around you will continue to improve. You need to focus more on your career and do everything in your power to get ahead.

Pisces - You will examine new opportunities

This week you'll be forced to accept that the change you've wanted for a long time is not happening due to your lack of motivation, not so much because of the circumstances. You need more courage to take a decisive step. The presence of Mars in Scorpio will urge you to examine new opportunities.

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