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Weekly Horoscope Until December 21st


A perfect square between Uranus and Pluto will form this week, provoking conflicts that are not resolved fairly. With Mercury going into Capricorn, passions will diminish.

Aries - You will fight against injustice

The week will start off uncomfortable for you. You will bring out the rebel in you and stand strong against every unjust act due to the perfect square that will form between Uranus and Pluto in your sign this Monday. You may inflame some old feuds. As the week progresses, your passions will calm, while luck will be with you on the weekend.

Taurus - You will voice your discontent

You will express your discontent this week, with your anger mainly directed at your work environment because of inadequate organization. You will become a lot more hotheaded when they refuse to take your opinion into consideration. But no matter how furious you are, you need to try to take control of the tension and not be in opposition excessively.

Gemini - You will take care of old issues


This week you will take care of some old issues with a person that hurt you in the past. You may have ran from and ignored this situation but now you will face it and you will have to clear up past mistakes and insults. On Wednesday, Mercury will enter into Capricorn, which will peak your interest toward investments and career.

Cancer - They will criticize you at work

Your relations with the people around you will be quite tense until December 21st. This pertains to your personal, as well as your work relations. You can expect severe criticism at work regarding your organizational abilities, which will not be at their best throughout the week. Your work will not be particularly liked by bosses and coworkers, even though you'll be giving it your all. Your personal relationships will improve beginning Wednesday.

Leo - Plan your new goals

The week will predispose you to completing old tasks and beginning new projects. This is the right time to organize and plan your future goals. Meet with more people and show your best. The retrograde Jupiter in your sign will provide you with the self-confidence that you're moving in the right direction.

Virgo - You will be excessively jealous

An aspect between Venus and Pluto this week will make you much more jealous than normal. Even if you don't have concrete reasons for doubting your partner, your sense of mistrust will be highly sharpened, leading to the possibility of a number of conflicts. On the 17th, your sign ruler Mercury goes into Capricorn in the area of love, children and creativity, getting these aspects moving in your life.

Libra - Keep to reason and calm

On Monday you will have a great desire to be the center of attention and the major player in most situations. What's required of you is to stick to reasoning and calmness. Beginning Wednesday, you will receive more understanding and support from your loved ones.

Scorpio - It's time for reassessment

This week is a crucial moment in life for you, for it is the final one before Saturn leaves your zodiac sign after it had entered it in 2012. It is time to reassess everything important that happened to you in the past 2 years. The square between Uranus and your sign ruler Pluto will cause you to throw away your old prejudices. The aspect between Venus and Pluto will get you into a drama.

Sagittarius - Your friends will disappoint you

Throughout the week you will have a strong desire to join teams and groups. You will seek out the advice and support of your friends and they themselves will use you as an adviser. But the negative aspects of the planets do not foresee a good way out of these situations and you may become disappointed or end up feeling used.


Capricorn - A hectic week ahead

This week will be quite hectic and conflicting for you. The aspects between Uranus and Pluto and Pluto and Venus will make the first days of the new week very critical for you. You will enjoy more peacefulness beginning Wednesday, when Mercury enters your sign, where it will remain until January 5th, providing you communication skills which will bring harmony in personal and work relations.

Aquarius - Expect benefits from the conflicts

Plenty of conflicting situations will swirl up around you as well but you'll be able to draw benefits from them. You'll be loaded with energy and prepared to help anyone who needs to defend their rights. Starting this Sunday, Uranus leaves its retrogradation phase and this will make you significantly more productive and less destructive.

Pisces - A friend will entangle you in dramas

With Mercury entering Capricorn on the 17th, loads of celebrations and delightful moments with your family await you. There is the possibility of you discovering that a friend is stirring up drama behind your back and this may highly disappoint you. In the first half of the week, you will be more sensitive than normal but starting Wednesday you will gain a more

sobering way of looking at most situations.



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