Fascinating Myths about Leprechauns

Fascinating Myths about Leprechauns

The first leprechauns were said to wear red coats with a gold decoration. Unlike their modern interpretation, they did not have green cylinder hats and orange beards, instead they had pointed red hats and dark or whitish beards.



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Myths - Ancient Myths Based on Real Events

Ancient Myths Based on Real Events


Native Americans believe that the crater in Oregon was once a mountain called Mazama. It was inhabited by the god of the underworld, Llao, who declared war on the sky god Skell.

Myths - The Greatest Villains in Mythology

The Greatest Villains in Mythology


In Zoroastrian mythology, Ahriman is an evil spirit, who according to one legend created all that is evil to oppose all of the good created by Ahura Mazda. He is expressed in human beings through greed, lust and envy.

Myths - The False Myths About the Life of Cleopatra

The False Myths About the Life of Cleopatra


Cleopatra belonged to the Ptolemaic dynasty, which was actually Greek, while some sources even add that it originated from Alexander the Great, who appointed his relative - Ptolemy, as ruler of Egypt after he conquered it.

Myths - The Mysteries of Shambhala

The Mysteries of Shambhala


This holy land is said to be inhabited by super humans. One of the theories is that all of humankind's ancestors are gathered there, as well as representatives of every single race that has ever lived on Earth.

Myths - The Myth of the Oracle at Delphi

The Myth of the Oracle at Delphi


For every prophetic vision, Pythia would wash in the Castalian Spring, put on golden clothing, let her hair loose and place a laurel wreath on her head.

Myths - Medusa the Gorgon

Medusa the Gorgon


The Gorgons were creatures born of the love between the sea deities Keto and Phorcys. Homer only mentions one Gorgon, while Hesiod wrote of 3 sisters, whose names were Stheno, Euryale and Medusa.

Myths - Do Samodivas Exist?

Do Samodivas Exist?


In the mythological sense, samodivas are a mediator between the earthly and unearthly, metaphysical world. However, their beautiful appearance is taken from Slavic customs.

Myths - Our Pets Shield us from Evil

Our Pets Shield us from Evil


It is believed that cats and dogs are the first to sense a person that crosses the threshold into your home. Animals react immediately when they sense negative energy, intentions for theft or evil.

Myths - Facts and Myths about Vampires

Facts and Myths about Vampires


Real vampires look similar to their prototypes from legends and movies. There are many myths concerning vampires but not all stories passed down from our ancestors are true.

Myths - Mermaids - Myth or Reality?

Mermaids - Myth or Reality?


Do mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies and elves really exist? Many claim that these are products of the imagination, but some stories refute the existence of mythical mermaids.

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