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Myths, Legends and Facts about the Moon

Myths, Legends and Facts about the Moon

Not all stories about the moon are false. Most myths and legends contain some truth in themselves which fulfill the time during which they are created.

Here the following are some of the most famous myths and legends in the world about the moon.

Myths, Legends and Facts about the Moon

Sun and Moon

The sun was in love with the moon and wanted to marry. The moon was reluctant, however told the sun there would be a marriage if provided was a gift the same size as the moon. h sun agreed and made the most splendid robes ever seen for the moon. However the marriage did not go ahead and the moon intended on making the sun its slave. The sun kept making gifts of clothing to the moon of all different sizes from the period of the full moon to the new moon period. The poor sun is still trying to the clothing fit to size in order for the moon to announce their marriage.

Legend of Chang

Chang China is the goddess of the moon and lives on it. This legend is very popular in China during the Chinese lunar festival, the 15th day of the 8th lunar month and the legend is retold.

Chang and her husband, Hoi were immortal and dwell in heaven. However the emperor punishes them and sent them to the earth as mortal beings. Chang was most saddened wanting to return to heaven. To save her mortality Hoi traveled to the west on a long journey where they both settled and lived with the queen mother. The queen mother have him the pill of immortality yet warned that Chang should only take half of it. In her eagerness to become immortal again she swallowed the whole pill and began to soar in the sky. Hoi was unable to do anything stayed on the ground resulting in the two becoming seperated forever. Chang became the moon while Hoi is the Earth.

Myth of the necklace

A beautiful diamond necklace that the Queen puts on every morning and removes only when going to bed is another myth. One day the king ordered the Queen to find her necklace as she misplaced it. A thief had taken her necklace and was eventually found after crossing the world. The thief being the king of the Galaxy 32. The queen allowed the Galaxy king to keep her necklace. The diamond became the moon of the galaxy shining in the dark nights, the queen kept her necklace as she spoke we can see the moon!

Myths, Legends and Facts about the Moon

Legend tells of a time when there was no moon and no sun. Leaving the Earth to be left always in darkness. Coyote was a lazy hunter leaving, the eagle to to say, "two can hunt more than one". However the coyote did not do any work saying that he could not see in the dark and suggested that the eagle seek some source of light. The eagle came across a tribe of Red Indians where he danced with the masked dancers.

They had two chests, one with the moon and one holding the sun. Coyote and the eagle stole the two chests and got away. On opening the chests the coyote let free two balls of light. The sun flew and perched in the sky while the moon not knowing where to go simple began sailing around the world.

Besides the above ancient stories, there are several modern ones too.

When the moon is not visible it is considered that this affects human behavior and the results are mostly crimes, accidents and suicide. High birth rate and fertility is also associated with the moon, and in some oriental countries some of the specific phases of the moon determines the sex of the child.

Old or young myths and legends of the moon are still admired today!