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Myths About the Zodiac Signs Debunked


They say that a person's character is determined to a great extent by their zodiac sign. Often you may hear a person labeled as absent-minded just because they're a Pisces or way too aggressive because they were born under the sign of Leo.

The sign we were born under does determine some of our traits but there is also no shortage of myths about the signs that we need to debunk here and now, to avoid falling victims to any further stereotypes.


Myth: Aries have an extremely dramatic character.

Fact: Aries are among the zodiac signs that have strong willpower and have both feet firmly planted on the ground. They are stable, persistent and headstrong; causing drama is definitely not their thing.



Myth: Taureans are quite lazy.

Fact: Actually, representatives of this sign are quite... ingenious. They are persistent, pursue their goals and tend to work until they achieve whatever it is they want. You can be sure of one thing - Taurus is not afraid of working and won't choose the easy road.


Myth: Hesitant and indecisive, they depend on others' opinions.

Fact: Geminis are brazen, quite independent and ready to do anything in order to defend themselves and the people they love. This is definitely one of the most independent signs, capable of adeptly handling all challenges.


Myth: Out of stubbornness, they do the opposite of everything.

Fact: Cancers are among those bold people who aren't afraid of expressing their opinion and defending it, when they're sure they're right. They don't do things backwards, they just do them their own way and surprisingly to many, they're often right.


Myth: Leos are egocentric and egotists.

Fact: Leos are among the happy signs that know they don't need to be liked by everyone. They are not egotistical and go out of their way for the people they admire. As for how they treat everyone else - what does the king of the jungle care

for the opinions of the mice?


Myth: Virgos are arrogant.

Fact: The gentle Virgos are shy, find it difficult to start a conversation and don't have a tendency to reveal their true nature to people they hardly know. Give them a chance to reveal their true self.


Myth: Libras are pretentious.

Fact: Libras are neither pretentious, nor do they express a false self or behavior toward others - they are simply cautious. As well, they are not indecisive, as they are often described. Libras very carefully mull over every action and decision, which requires time.


Myth: Scorpios are erotomaniacs and their lives are dominated by sex.

Fact: Scorpios are the type of people that know how to have fun in bed and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, Scorpios are often proficient lovers, who know how to please their partners.


Myth: Sagittarii are nomads, who have no need of a permanent home.

Fact: Sagittarii are not nomads, they are brave travelers who want to travel the whole world and see everything. But they also want a warm family nest to return to after their trip to, let's say, Antarctica or Thailand.


Myth: Capricorns are boring.

Fact: If you still haven't figured out the kind of party animals Capricorns are, then the fault is entirely your own. Representatives of this sign are extremely joyful, they're usually the life of the party and always have yet another idea about how to have a good time.


Myth: They are cold.

Fact: The heart of an Aquarius isn't made of stone, they are loving and caring, as long as you win them over once. Strict, devoted to the people they love and very loyal - the love of an Aquarius is worth earning.


Myth: They have their head in the clouds and are impractical.

Fact: To say that Pisces are impractical and have their head in the clouds is like saying that Leonardo Da Vinci was just... a painter. Usually, representatives of this sign are jacks-of-all-trades, have ideas that are ahead of their time and huge dreams that they're not afraid of pursuing.