Men have erotic dreams more often than women

Men have erotic dreams more often than women


These dreams often reflect our hidden desires, although there are those who do not understand and do not feel free to admit. Women dream sex scenes 5 times a month, and men, every other day.


Erotic Dreams

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Erotic Dreams - What you reveal in erotic dreams

What you reveal in erotic dreams


Erotic dreams grant wishes, eliminate fears and release stress. Erotic fantasies are a sign of good health. One of the functions of erotic dreams is to help us get rid of some inhibitions.

Erotic Dreams - Desire or fear

Desire or fear


Erotic dreams is power of memories from previous experiences from the past days. Dreams do not lie, they reveal repressed unconsciousness.

Erotic Dreams - Erotic dreams are a good way to spend the night

Erotic dreams are a good way to spend the night


Part of erotic dreams are not just those revolved around sex but can be about kissing on the street cuddling or even just talking.


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