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Palmistry - Fingers and Rings


Today we see kids and teenagers wearing earrings in all possible places and rings on all fingers, including the thumb. But have you ever asked yourself what significance each finger has for the rings that we put on it?

Wearing a ring often gives a message toward someone and toward the world. Since the left hemisphere of the brain corresponds to logic and controls the right hand, it is reasonable to think that wearing a ring on the right hand is done consciously and logically, as well as for a desire for control of one's life and actions. Since the right hemisphere controls the left hand and creative ability, rings on the left hand symbolize beliefs, creativity and inclinations. Wearing a ring on a specific finger is usually related to a willingness for increasing the power associated with that finger.


The thumb: Willpower - the thumb represents logic and willpower, which control our actions. The thumb is independent of the other fingers and is the most important when working with the rest of the hand. It symbolizes power, freedom and freedom of thought.

The index finger: Power and ambition - this finger is symbolic of our need to escalate our ego and gain power and strength. It is also connected to leadership and ambition. Kings, priests and healers wear rings on their index finger because it is believed that this finger holds special power. People often wear rings on their index fingers to demonstrate their own power.

The middle finger: Identity and materialism - being the highest finger, it is connected to our goal in life. Since it is also in the center of the hand, it represents our identity and the things which are most important to us. Those who wear a ring on their middle finger, often want to be the center of attention.

The ring finger: Emotions, creativity and heart - wearing a ring on the ring finger means a link with the heart, since it is connected to an artery that goes all the way to the heart. It is tied to our feelings of love. It also illustrates our creativity and artistry. Wearing a ring on this finger on the left hand represents engagement and a promise of eternal loyalty to the person who gave it. If the ring has been purchased from someone wearing it, this portrays that the person loves and values themselves, as well as believing in their own talent.

The pinky: Connections - a ring on the pinky is a sign of reliance in business and personal relationships. It is a symbol of our connections with others. This finger is the opposite of the finger of independence, it is related to our attitudes toward others, intimacy and the material world. It also expresses the relation one has to oneself. Wearing a ring is a sign of honor but wearing numerous rings is usually a sign of a person who has low self-esteem, and despite that wants to draw attention to themselves.

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