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Which Gemstones are Suitable for Aquarius?

Which Gemstones are Suitable for Aquarius?

The most altruistic and humane persons are born under the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians born during the 1st 10-day period of the star sign are inventive to a point that borders on genius. They possess supreme artistic and creative potential but one of their big shortcomings is the coldness they give off.

As such, they should wear precious stones that can make them warm and kind, such as turquoise, blue-green aquamarine and light yellow amber. It's recommended they avoid jewelry with rubies, jasper, jacinth and sardonyx.

During the 2nd 10-day period of Aquarius, we mainly see smart individuals born, ones gifted with a focused, lively, analytical mind. These representatives of the Aquarius sign are interested in statistics but music as well; they love to travel.

However, they have serious shortcomings - they are nearly deprived of any sense of responsibility, at times bordering on cynicism, and they tend to do things that only complicate their lives. That's why they should wear amber and turquoise. These gemstones will help them choose the right friends and grow spiritually.

Aquarians born during the 3rd 10-day period have a rich imagination, they adore music, poetry, mysticism and esotericism. Their flaw is that they are insensitive to a degree, as well as big time egotists. A suitable gemstone for them is aquamarine with a green tone, as well as olivine, to improve their mood and sensitivity.



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