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Palmistry - The Index Finger


What is the meaning behind the index finger? While the thumb is seen as more essential than the other fingers when defining personality, the other fingers also have their own specific meanings. For example, the index finger is the finger of "personal strength and success". We use the index finger naturally to demonstrate our personal strength.

When we are truly angry with someone, we point at them and may even stick our finger in their face. When we consistently have this personal power, the index finger in fact grows larger, stronger and straighter! If you want to find out if your boss is really making the right decisions, analyze his or her index finger. It must be solid, long and straight - if not, then this person is most likely not able to bring order to the company.

The leading finger - yes, you read it correctly, the index finger is an image of ego and ambition. This finger is controlled by Jupiter. When interpreting the meaning of each finger, many factors must be taken into consideration - this is a major rule in palmistry and all types of predictions. When analyzing information about the index finger, its position, length and size must be taken into account. You can also obtain information from the comparison between the index finger and the remaining fingers of the hand.

Position of the index finger

In general, fingers which are positioned evenly above the Mounts are a sign of success. An absolutely straight line is very rarely seen and is not thought of as neither natural, nor beautiful.

Keep in mind the following major rule: each finger, that is shorter than the others, loses some of its power.

Knowing this, a short index finger decreases the size of the Mount of Jupiter and is a symbol of awkwardness in social relationships, often caused by an unsuccessful combination of conceit and ignorance.

If the index finger is tilted toward the thumb, this shows an incredible yearning for independence. If it is tilted toward the middle finger, this means excessive pride.

If a gap exists between the base of the index finger and thumb, the person is generous and charitable. A large hole between the index finger and middle finger reveals freedom of thought.

If all fingers come apart easily from one another, this portrays unconventional thinking. However, if they all stick easily to one another, and are in that position most of the time, we find an awkwardness when communicating with others.

Shape of the index finger

The shape of your index finger says much about your personality. In general, there are 2 separate elements in every finger, which are of great significance. The first element deals with the tip - the nail along with the finger down until the distal phalanx. The second element deals with the presence (or absence) of a joint in the connections of the phalanges. Let us take a look at the 4 major shapes of finger tips and what they mean:

A pointed finger tip - a pointed distal phalanx, ending with a sharp tip. One who has such fingers believes that he is doing everything well, when in fact the opposite is true.

A conical finger tip - this type also has a pointed distal phalanx but with a rounded end. People with these types of fingers have a mentality, in which reason and imagination are equally combined.

A square finger tip - this type of finger has almost the same width from base to tip. Reason rules over those with these types of fingers.

Finger tips in the form of a spatula - similar to square finger tips, they maintain the same width from base to tip. The difference is that they widen at the end. The meaning of this is carrying out tasks, without thinking too much about their significance.

Shape and joints of the index finger - we have seen what influence the main shapes of the fingers have over one's personality. Now let us take a look at certain details and the index finger separately.

A pointed index finger - if the tip is pointed, we find intuition and strong religious beliefs.

A conical index finger - this shows a love of reading.

A square index finger - a person with this type of index finger, tells and loves the truth.

An index finger in the shape of a spatula - this is an individual who loves action, is always doing something.

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