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What are People with Brown Eyes Like?

What are People with Brown Eyes Like?

It's no accident that we have the term "the eyes are windows to the soul". They reflect not only the emotions and feelings we're experiencing at any given moment but also our deeply hidden and kept secrets. Human eyes are exceptionally sensitive to negative energy (curses) that others give off.

The coloration of human eyes and its link to human character have long been the subject of study. The results indicate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there exists a connection between eye color and the person's character.

People with brown eyes are extremely temperamental, even irritable, inconsistent and frequently change their desires and intentions. Plus, they are extraordinarily sociable, sensual and undeniable.

It is believed that brown eyes symbolize intellect, passion and energy. People with brown eyes love fervidly but briefly, after which they simply grow cold toward their partner without any legitimate reason. They are sharp-minded and communicate with ease.

Sometimes, brown eyes are borne by absolute sloths and lazy people, who live off others all thanks to their natural charm. They are quick and easy to infuriate but just as easily forgive and forget.



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