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Palmistry - The Ring Finger


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Ring Finger

The ring finger is related to the Greek god Apollo and its characteristics include art, music, fame and harmony. In contrast to the reasoning and discipline of the middle finger (controlled by Saturn) and the quest for power of the index finger, the ring finger is much more calm and relaxed. This is the finger of aesthetics, of valuing the beautiful. Is it merely coincidence that so many people wear their wedding bands or rings on this appropriately named finger? It is a synonym of our impulse to make ourselves and the world more beautiful.

Beauty and aesthetics - the ring finger clearly illustrates mankind's aim for these. This is the finger of art and music and the all wonderful things which make life bearable. When analyzing information about the ring finger, we have to keep in mind its position, length and size. Information can also be gathered from the comparison between the ring finger and the rest of the fingers of the hand.

Position of the ring finger

If the ring finger is tilted toward the middle finger, there will be sorrowful vanity. If it is inclined toward the pinky, it shows a person who works with art, only to make profit off it.

A gap between the middle and ring fingers (large enough to allow light to pass through) illustrates a positive attitude toward life and each new day. It is also an indication of a bohemian lifestyle and independence in one's actions.

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