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Palmistry - The Middle Finger

Middle fingers

What is the meaning behind the middle finger? If the index finger is seen as the finger of power and ego, then the middle finger is that of discipline and balance. While the index finger pushes us to achieve our goals and dreams, the middle finger acts as a break, a sobering reminder, since it represents the voice of caution and responsibility. The middle finger is controlled by Saturn, the wise king of karma and cosmic justice.

If you wish to know the central role, which the middle finger plays in your life, simply look at its position on your hand. That's right, it's right in the middle of your hand, or at least it should be, illustrating its role as a balancing mechanism in our lives. Also, being the longest finger, it gives beautiful symmetry to our hands. If it is not the longest finger of your hand, this is of great significance, but we will find out why later.

Position of the middle finger

As it has been made clear in the description of the index finger, there is one major rule, which states that each finger, that is shorter than the others, loses some of its power. It should be noted however, that it is extremely rare for the middle finger to be shorter than the rest, mainly because of its central location on the hand.

A more effective way to interpret the middle finger is to see whether it tilts to one side. You might have seen or have a finger yourself, which is tilted in a particular direction. This has a specific meaning, as with everything in palmistry. Let us see what that is.

If the middle finger is inclined toward the thumb, this symbolizes superstition and sadness. If it slants toward the ring finger, this is a sign of having fewer illnesses.

Even more information can be gleaned from reading of the "gaps" between the bases of the fingers on the hands. For example, a strongly expressed gap between the index finger and middle finger (large enough to allow light to pass through when the fingers are touching each other) shows freedom of thought. A gap between the middle finger and ring finger indicates a worry-free attitude toward life and each new day.

Shape of the middle finger

The shape of your middle finger reveals much about your inner self. If the tip of your middle finger is pointed, we find a torturous fear of the supernatural. A person with a conical-shaped middle finger believes strongly in their religion. A square middle finger portends a prudent and wise individual.

A spatula-shaped middle finger is a sign of excessive love of action and business.

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