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Why Do I Wake Up During the Night?

Why Do I Wake Up During the Night?

It can often happen that you spend a tiring day at work, then finish your household chores and go to bed early in the hope of falling asleep, only to wake up a few hours later and be unable to fall asleep again.

In fact, waking up during the night is much more common than you think and affects many more people than expected.

Another interesting fact is that almost everyone affected by night waking opens their eyes around 3 o'clock in the morning.

In fact, sleep disturbances and frequent night waking can be caused by a number of factors.

A reason for night waking can be the excessive amount of stress to which a person is exposed to. A symptom of being overtired or overly anxious is waking up feeling very anxious, having heart palpitations and feeling a sense of danger.

This can be due to both physical and emotional exhaustion if you have a problem or problems that you cannot deal with.

The body's increased stress level makes the brain work harder and can have an effect by causing our brain to change some of the habits related to sleep and falling asleep.

How exactly does this happen?

The anxiety we experience alters the central nervous system by making small but significant changes in the bio and neurochemical systems that make up the sleep-wake cycle. This leads to changes in sleep stages and net phases.

Not only the quality of sleep is affected, but also the mechanism of falling asleep. And when a person finally manages to fall asleep, they soon wake up, because they do not reach the REM stage, in which sleep is both deep and restorative.

If you often wake up with a feeling of vague anxiety and fear, this is a sure sign that something in your life is wrong and it's time to take steps to fix it and deal with the issues.

According to other sleep experts, waking up at night is a reminder of a time when people didn't have electricity and spent much of the winter months in darkness. Then they went to bed early, slept for several hours, woke up for 1-2 hours, then fell asleep again for another 3-4 hours of sleep.



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