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What Does it Mean to Spill Rice?

What Does it Mean to Spill Rice?

Superstitions were invented by ancient nations, to associate various phenomena, objects or animals with certain meanings and symbols. This way, they were able to explain the structure of the world and figure out their map of the future.

Rice is a well-known favorite product in the culinary world, but also a symbol that carries its specific life messages since ancient times. It evokes associations with prosperity, well-being, luck and achieving success. Rice has positive symbolism, which usually means a carefree and happy future ahead.

This is what spilling the rice means though:

Rice spilling is usually a ritual that takes place on the most beautiful holiday for two people in love, which is the wedding day.

The history of this omen dates back to ancient China, where rice was considered a sacred raw material and one of the main methods of livelihood. Since it gave fertility and luck to the Chinese people, people decided to use it as a means of attracting good energy.

In the modern world, this ritual is usually continued and after the two newlyweds leave the ritual hall, they should be sprinkled with rice.

It is a tradition that has the role of showering the young family with success, luck, health and love. The rice transmits positive energy to them, which will foreshadow a long and happy married life.



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