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Help me figure out what my dream means

Help me figure out what my dream means
I've been friends with a guy since I was 12 (about 16 years) and my dad is now working for his family company. We're close but we've only ever been friends. This dream really confused me.

I had a dream that I was on an all women cruise ship. It started out that i was looking around confused. All of a sudden, this woman taps me on the shoulder and says 'Aren't you Mark's daughter?' I said,'yes..'

She said, 'I'm Jake's mom. Will you pretend to be engaged to Jake while we're on this cruise? This girl followed me on here to get to know me, to get closer to him.' I said,'well that's weird, but okay.

I can do that for him.' As the dream went on, the cruise turned out to be most of the women from Jake's family. At the end, most of the guys from his family came onto the ship, and my dad was with them.

I thought that was odd, but I hugged him and he said,'I approve, Jake is a good guy.' Jake was the last one on and came up and hugged me.

I said 'why does my dad think we're engaged? When are we going to tell people the truth list?' He said 'we're not. I'm not letting you out of this one.'


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Of course
Of course
24.03.2013 13:25
It's so obvious. You didn't tell us the details of your real life, so since it's a dream, it's safe to assume these are based on your own feelings, no somebody else's. You want to get married. Not necessarily to Jake, but it could be. You like him, so he is a convenient symbol of marriage for you. You are ready to get married now, but you are afraid of what people will think. You want a pretense or good excuse to get married. You want the man's family to be accepting, and to have a good mother-in-law. You want everyone to get on board and pressure you into it. You're just that afraid of rejection. Family is extremely important to you. Conversely, somebody in your family, maybe your dad, is pressuring you to get married soon. You are 28, so they think you're taking a long time. That is rather late to get married, but you have your career and personal growth on your agenda. So, maybe read some books on the subject of getting married. You will feel better. Good luck.