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Depressing Dream

Depressing Dream
First, i'll tell you that i live with my aunt, for about two years now. Last night i had a dream that she was taking me back to my mom and dad's house, but i didn't want to go back and for some reason my mom wasn't there it was just my dad and me and my dad don't get along very well for specific reasons.

This dream is weird for me because about a month before having this dream my aunt really was going to send me back because I was being a real bitch. Luckily for me she changed her mind because I promised i would change.

I've been doing pretty good until I had this dream last night. Today in my english class, i broke down that dream kept coming up in my mind and I had to leave the class, I just couldn't stop myself from letting go.

I have realized that maybe I'm not trying to change hard enough and I really want to make a drastic change because going back to my old home would be hell for me, even though I love my mom, I can't go back.

I have been trying to figure out what this dream means, so if it means that something bad is going to happen, I want to try to avoid it! Please help me if you have any information or know what my dream means.


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15.04.2014 08:18
You may not want to hear it this way, but it's because your aunt threatened you with something that fears you , fear is most common to be repeated in dreams