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Dream; I need help interpreting this dream I just had today...

Dream; I need help interpreting this dream I just had today...
Tonight I dreamt about me my wife and brother along with two other strangers. One female and the other white. They were selling a product which seemed to relax and comfort your neck I tried it on during the dream and it was good.

They told me it would cost 11.50 I had the money but then I told them I would pay 10 for them they said they would think about it soon after they were looking for a priest (Unknown Name) then I transported towards a middle/elementary school where I was in trouble due to my machete that appeared on my pants the dean got mad and told me I was not allowed there. Then I went to a weird place where the two people selling the products came and told me yea we will sell it to you.

As the female had her laptop we were in this dark ship just black besides the light from the laptop my brother Cesar was their too with a yellow strip sweater he didn’t talk much…. Then I read what the girl wrote on her laptop it was about her customers…

I do recall her mentioning the priest but not what she wrote… Then I continued to read and found my name Jose; she mentioned that I was forgiving then I took over her aptop and started typing and we laughed.. The Guy got scared and freaked out he said he saw something next to him…

My reflexes just made me run I saw something on the corner of my eye as I stood to run… I ran across to what seemed the back of the ship the details were outstanding black stairs coriidor just like a movie from a horror scene.

Soon after I saw my brother sweater I vivdly recall this part and the female and guy also ran with laptop recording as well… I jumped from what seemed the second floor to the first….

And chased after what seemed my brother due to the sweater then I grabbed this thing and called my brothers name he did not respond this is when the guy told me its not my brother then it was leading me somewhere to the bowel of the ship… This wasn’t until I turned him around and saw some skeleton type of thing.

I kicked him and ran to get out of the ship…. As I ran, I saw this chubby guy he was weird don’t really recall much… just a glance and we left then we resaw the video and as we were reseein g the video I awoke from this nightmare…

I did realize that in my dreams I am human but with non human characteristics… Since I knew I would have broken my ankle from that distance yet I was unafraid for some weird reason… Until next time I suppose.


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