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Please help me interpret my dream

Please help me interpret my dream
I am almost 8 months pregnant and I lost my 15 month old daughter almost a year ago. My dream started out that I was in the same catholic church where we had her viewing and the funeral home was viewing her again. I was standing infront of her open casket talking to my older daughter telling her it was fine to say good bye to her baby sissy again and if she wanted to touch her she could only touch her hands since she was ran over on her head. So my 4 year old daughter touched her hand and my deceased daughter flintched.

I didnt think anything of it at first and told my 4 year old to touch her again and she did and while touching her she had told her she loved and missed her and my deceased daughter yawned and moved her arms. So then I go to hold her hand and when I grab it she starts waking up and turns her head twards me and looks at me and stays laying there smiling, holding my hand, and trying to wake up after being burried for almost a year.

Well I nudge the lady that was viewing my daughter and told her she wasnt dead anymore and she turns and looks at my daughter and was astaunished that she was alive and was speechless. My 15 month old daughter then arises in her casket and sits up and grabbs my arms so I can pick her up and is smiling and calling out momma. I go to pick her up and see my pregnant belly and lay her in my arms over my belly and start kissing her all over her face and tell her how much i have missed her and loved her.

The pastor was giving mass and seen something was going on all the way in the back of the church where we were and stopped what he was doin and started walking down the isle towards us. I then turn around and face him with my 15month old daughter in my arms and he starts singing haulelulla and amen! ! Then he says to me the lord must really love you to bring back your baby from the dead and and touches her head. Yhe priest and the lady that was viewing her then check her head and see that it was healed and say "Its a miracle her skull if healed and isnt cracked anymore! ! Its like if nothing ever happened! "

I start kissing her all over her gace again and shes happy to see my and is holding me tight saying "momma, momma! " And telling me she had missed me. I then turn around and call me 4 year old to come with us so we can leave and start walking towards the doors. Before we get to the doors the priest yells out "I only ask of 1 thing! Please dont post anything yet about your daughter because they are going to try and take her away from you! " I tell him of and start walking out the door.

As im walking out the door my soul detatches from my body and I see myself walking out with my daughter very happy but when I see myself im not pregnant anymore. After I see myself walk out I woke up from my dream. What is the meaning of this? ? This is not the only dream I have had of someone telling me that they are going to take my baby from me and my deceased daughter was also in that dream but was reincarnated and I drempt that in the beginning of my pregnancy.


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23.05.2014 16:43
I think you run little scenarios of what you could have done to prevent what had happened to your daughter. You feel guilty in a sort of sense. You want acknowledgment from your daughter that she still loves you and she knows you love her very much, no matter where she is. With that sort of waiting confirmation from your daughter you would like to make sure that having another one to replace her or in her place now will not change anything.

Bottom line..... you felt some sort of guilt about what had happened to her, regardless if you could or couldn't have done anything to prevent the incident. You need comforting confirmation that you having this baby will replace/or not replace your love to her or what you had given her while she was still living.

Be at peace and may the light be with your deceased daughter.
13.05.2014 16:41
Thank you deborah!! Me and my 4 year old daughter try to talk to her as much as we can. And you ard not the first that has gold me that shes in a better place but my friend that has also seen her also. How I had said before i am also pregnant and expecting another girl and my due date is a couple weeks away from when my daughter passed. And the other day i had recieved a phone call saying that the person that killed my daughter is also trhing to tale away my 4 year old and my unborn baby by calling cps... I think that this dream is a sign of whats going to happen?! And what does it mean seeing me daughter being resurrected? I have also had a dream she was going to be reborn with this baby that im expecting... Is that even possible?
11.05.2014 03:10
To me, It means your daughter Is happy That shes going to have a baby sister, i personally think That when your daughter passed away a part of your soul went with her and thats why You seen your self with her. But to see her happy that means she really Is happy. When the priest said "its a miracle shes all better" means shes not suffering anymore. He doesnt want You to post anything because right now shes in a good spot on the other side and He doesnt want the dark side to come and manipulate your daughter to come with them. The dark side Can trick your daughter into coming over with them. Speak to your daughter, tell her You love her... She Can hear your words and for her to Be happy means she truly really Is. If You want to email me please do.
Ric d
Ric d
11.05.2014 08:08
I had a dream last night about my cousin that passed bout 25 years ago , he was about 5 or 6 when I seen him , he kept telling me to tell his mom " I love you" about three times , I saw her tonight , see her about every 2 months,told her And tomorrow is Mother's Day, she believed me, I am a successful person and vey smart , I myself would say I am crazy , but this is real , after life and linger between heaven and earth is very real!