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Dream your teeth fall out or are cracked? What does this mean?

Dreaming of teeth

Dreams where your teeth fall out are perhaps the most common dreams in general. The most common scenarios of such dreams are that the teeth just crumble in your hands, or that they fall one by one with just a slight hitch. Such dreams are not just frightening and shocking, but often leave the dreamer with a lasting feeling of tiredness.

One theory for these dreams is that you are worried about your presentation and your how others perceive you. Unfortunately we live in a world in which to look good is highly valued and your teeth play a crucial role in the persuasiveness of such a picture. Teeth are an important part of flirting and a beautiful smile can do a lot. These dreams may stem from fear of your sexual impotence or the consequences of aging. Teeth are an important part of our presentation and our attractiveness to others. Everyone is worried about how one looks in the eyes of others. To feel such concern is quite normal.

Another presentation of such dreams may be rooted in fear or in difficulty to make one laugh in any given situation. These dreams are the presentation of your fears of failure.

Teeth used for biting, tearing and chewing. These observations represent teeth force. The falling out of the tooth in the dream may be prompted by a sense of powerlessness. Do you feel that you lose power in any situation? Perhaps you have difficulty in expressing yourselves or feel you have to prove your point. To feel upset when your voice is not heard. Maybe you feel a sense of inferiority and lack confidence in some situations or relationships in your life? This dream indicates that you need to defend yourselves and to believe in the value of your own opinion.

Some recent investigations have shown that menopausal women often have dreams related with teeth. This may be associated with aging and/or feeling that they are attractive and feminine.

Bible interpretation of bad teeth or teeth falling out indicates that you are placing your faith, trust and belief in human things than the word of the Lord. The Bible says that God speaks in dreams and visions in order to take pride in us and to keep us away from the pit, to open our spiritual ears so we can learn and become correct.

In Greek culture when one dreams that their teeth are missing or falling out it means that members of your family or your relatives are very ill or dying.

According to the Chinese, when your teeth fall out it means that lies are spoken.

It was also claimed that teeth falling out symbolizes money. This is based on the old fairy story of teeth. If one of your teeth falls out and you place it under your pillow, the fairy will be you money.