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This dream woke me

This dream woke me
i was with my kids somewhere looking at clothes and some other stuff and all of a sudden the walls and windows were gone and some strange phenomena caused waters to come in and flood where we were at and i one wave picked me up and put me in a tree and sent my kids in a different direction but i got them back with me and another wave came in and i had one of the kids with me and a black kitten appeared that i was holding on to and 2 of my other kids were in a different place and another wave came in and the same thing happened and one more wave came in and i had all my kids with me still holding the little black kitten and i looked out over the horizon and the sky started to clear and i had all my kids andthe kitten still in hand and each time the waves came in they never went over my head my back kept them from going over my head


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Troubled waters
Troubled waters
24.03.2013 15:39
Okay, so you're in a flood. Floods separate people, they wash away what has come before. Floods can be exciting and scary. Waves are carrying your kids away. This could be symbolic of a big move. You are like the Noah in Noah's Ark, gathering your children together and moving so you don't become separated. Your kids are growing up and being carried in different directions, you are having some separation anxiety, and worry about them when they're away. The black kitten is the soul of a former pet, a creature that's near and dear to you. You are literally picking up all of your children and pets, gathering them to yourself, and holding back the waves that threaten to separate you. In life, this could be something scary that you are afraid is about to happen to break up your family.