I have a weird dream

I have a weird dream
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Hi. Can you help me? I had this dream some years ago, and can't figure out what it means.

So I was in my (or someone else) mobile home and there was a chair by the window. I sat in the chair and got stuck inside it. Like, inside and under it, kinda. My mon wales by, and she helped me out. Then she got stuck. So I helped her out and I got stuck again. She walked away either to get help or because she gave up, in not sure. But anyway, I got claustrophobic and barfed on the floor outside the chair. Then the dog from Full House, Commit, walked by, licked it up, and walked away. Then I woke up. It's a really weird and random dream and it's bugging me. Please help me!
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augusto f. agudelo
augusto f. agudelo
12.12.2012 09:40
I drem that my name was change to saul.