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Please help interpret

Please help interpret
I can't understand this dream at all. I feel it has a whole lot of symbolism in it.

In my dream at first I was in a church, i think, and i remember watching a priest or father handing out pills to a bunch of people. I remember thinking to my self "act like you've taken the pills and he wont make you take them."

Then all of a sudden I'm flying, and its dark, i think its night time. all of a sudden im outside my house on my phone on my facebook. I see all these rest in peace posts on my wall. Im confused, and a female voice says that i was dead and that two girls had resurrected me.

Then I have like a flashback to the church. I remember waking up in a strange room, and seeing the priest or father putting his pants back on. I start panicking and im clearly naked. Suddenly i realize he raped me, so i call him a bastard and say i hope he rots in hell. He back handed me, and i end up on the floor. I spit in his face, and he slit my throat. I stare at him as he watches me die.

Now im back to me at my house, only now im inside. My family is all upstairs and im following my boyfriend around the house. as we walk past the living room i notice a shadow on the ceiling. my boyfriend then turns around and puts his finger over his lips telling me to be quiet. we havent spoken a single word the whole dream, then he points up to the ceiling, and the shadow forms into my boyfriend, almost like a ghost. so i look at my boyfriend (the one id been following around the house) and he puts a headset on my head. I look at the ghost him and the ghost him starts screaming. Not saying anything, just screaming, almost agonizingly. I started crying and woke up crying and shaky. I dont understand this dream at all!


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Okay, so
Okay, so
24.03.2013 12:38
The dream meaning is obvious. You are disillusioned with the Catholic Church because of the pedophile priest scandal. Perhaps you should seek another church, or even another faith. You should also talk to your boyfriend, he may have a secret or something to tell you. Also consider the possibility that you are haunted by an entity.
Can't understand
Can't understand
17.03.2013 22:18
Its a warning! You need God back in your life. I would suggest you have someone pray for you that you can sense has the love for God in their life and that's not a phony. I would focus on a church were you can sense God's love. And one that can teach the word of God and encourages you to read the bible for your self. Talk to a family member who you do trust or feel comfortable with or someone older and wiser perhaps that can offer some advise for a church home. Or visit churches that believe in the trinity. But always do research first before joining a church.