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Decode this wierd dream I had please

Decode this wierd dream I had please
Here it is:

My mother in law was taking me to school(college), I am wearing the same outfit I went to bed in. She drops me off at a school that I clearly know is not mine. I call her using the security officers phone, and tell her to come and get me. She says she will have my boyfriend come get me. So, I see this dude I went to high school with. I start talking to him and his friend named Guy, but he says they call him Zeus. Scared that my boyfriend might find me talking to some other guys, I walk away from them.

Alittle while later I find one of Zeus' friends and ask where Zeus is. He tells me, and I go find him. When I walk in, the guy I went to school with says "Thank God Haley, he want shut up about you. " So I start talking to Zeus. He asks me if I like staying out late and I tell him no, I have a daughter. He looks freaked out, so I say his friend could have told him because we went to school together and I was pregnant. So Zeus hands me a old phone and tells me to keep it in case I want to hit him up. I put it in my book bag. I call my bf to see where he is, and he is there to pick me up. We go home, and we turn on the TV to the news. There is ariel footage of the school I just left.

All the people keep saying is "we don't know who this girl is, all we know is her name-Haley' and that they have Zeus in custody. My sister in law comes in freaking out asking what happened. So i have to tell all of them what my connection to him was. There is helicopters and people running around my house. One guy jumps out and tries to grab me. All this started because Zeus said something about me being a mom. The next day my sister in law is helping me get ready for TV interviews about what happened. She makes me gargle peroxide to make my teeth whiter, and I swallow it and start choking and my throat was closing up.

I woke up choking and in a panic attack.

Any thoughts would be nice. I woke up roughly an hour ago from this bizarre dream and I am still a little shaken up over it. It was not dream like where stuff seems to happen out of thin air. This all flowed together in a natural order and seemed completely real.


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09.06.2014 02:27
Ok? I would have been extremely freaked out...