Splitting sugarcane on the forehead

Splitting sugarcane on the forehead
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I was lining up for a ritual kind of like. When it comes to my turn, this person held a big sugarcane vertically and split/cut the sugarcane on my forehead. I saw 2 of my uncle there as well. It seems like i am being converted to christinity like feel during the dream.

I am very very worried what this dream. Most of my dream due to insufficient knowledge to interpret, only realise after when the incident takes place. I am not a christian but a hindu.

Please help if anyone can interpret what this dream means.


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29.05.2013 02:41
u ll b going through a transition in ur life.....if u feel helpless then do a study about ur questions..as u told here u were converting to christianity in ur dream. explore the books...so they ll help u .