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House of hell - I grew up in

House of hell - I grew up in
My babys daddy isfixin to moveintohouse I grew up in, which was hell. We are workin on maybe gettin back together. Two nites ago I dream I am in kitchen with ex-fiancee, who is drunk (we used to live htere togther), and he has been hitting me. I;m on floor and hes fixin to hit me with huge pan and i yell and yell for help. Then we are outside and hes leaving with a lil grl and we try and stop him cus hes too drunk. He stops. Last nite I dreamed I was back at the old house with a friend. We were in parents room in the dark on the bed. I cn a animal and got scared. She said its ok its just a deer. Then i was standin up protecting her, who then turned into a dif friend. The brown minature horse was on the bed. I thought he was trying to bite my arm n elbow and was yellingfor help. Then I am walkin the horse down the hallway into living room.

There is brown horse hair all over the hallway floor. my sister and neice (looking 7 instead of 12 yrs old) are in living room. I apologize to neice saying i am so so sorry. I thought he was trying to hurt me. I didn't know he was yours. I thought he was trying to hurt me. I will go put him up now. And sis and neice just smiled liked everything was gona b okay.Both dreams were in this house i hated grownin up in wit alcoholic and mentally abusive dad. I was scared in both dreams in beginning. Like scared scared. Just started when baby daddy started movin in and talkin bout us.


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Miniature horse
Miniature horse
24.03.2013 16:05
I'm sorry about this, because it isn't funny, but I just had to laugh when I heard about the miniature horse. That struck me somehow as funny! Anyway. The horse, or deer, is shedding. I'll bet it's a large dog in real life. Perhaps owned by someone you know. You are afraid it will bite you, but it's really very friendly. You may be having panic attacks due to anxiety related to the house. You are afraid for your baby's daddy, regardless. You do not want to live there with him. There are evil entities in this house, and a few of them may follow you around. Instead, suggest to him that you all find someplace else better to live. Don't back down on this.