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Please interpret
My dream began in a place that I was not familiar with. I did not recognize my surroundings at all, and this was apparent in the dream. I was outside and it was daytime. The main building I saw in the dream resembled the local library in Bayonne, only much older looking. There was also a fountain in the middle of a giant pathway. Everything in my dream was white---the sky, the ground, the buildings, etc. Even my complexion appeared whiter than usual, and the only thing that stood out from whiteness of the rest of the environment was my hair, my eyes, and some of the details on the building---they were all the darkest black one could imagine. The main issue that began my dream was that

I could not get the long dress I was wearing dirty. I claimed this was my wedding dress, although I made it clear that I was not getting married. I also had on a white jacket. It looked exactly like a Victorian jacket. I was not concerned with making sure the jacket did not get dirty or messed up. My main concern was with the wedding dress. As soon as I began to move to the old library-looking building, it began to snow. There was snow all over the ground, as well. Large puddles also began to appear. For some reason, no matter how hard I tried, I would step in the puddles and wet my wedding dress. Every time I stepped, a new puddle would appear, leaving a mark on my dress.

I grew more and more frustrated every time I moved. A person could easily see how frustrated I was with the look on my face, for I was in tears over my failure. It suddenly became night time, and I was still trying to get to the building. At one point, my feet became stuck inside of the puddles, and a gray tar-looking substance held on to my feet. The snow also began to fall even harder. The night grew darker and darker, as did my frustration. I do not remember ever making it to the building. The next scene showed the same place, only the library was completely blurry every time I looked at it. Everything was normal colored, including all of the buildings that were entirely white (not from the snow). I no longer had my wedding dress on, and the whereabouts of it were unknown.

I had to get two more dresses though---each for a dance I had to attend that week on a Monday and a Wednesday. I was reluctant to get the dresses. Before I knew it, I was entering the library that was previously blurry. I was looking at myself from a birds eye view. The inside of the library, though, was a home. The setting of the home resembled a hospital that I had been in during three previous dreams, only there was no medical technology.

I found myself in the same hallway I was in during my past dream (only in my past dream I was getting unwillingly sedated and in this one there was a couch). On the couch were two boys, each under a gray blanket. When I took the covers off, one of the faces appeared unfamiliar, but the other was a boy who I had worked with previously who liked me, though I did not like him. Suddenly I began to look for the boy who I am currently “talking” to. I looked on the couch, then down a hallway, and then on a bunk bed where I found him completely passed out and unresponsive, under the same blanket the two other boys had.

He appeared hunch backed and curled up in a ball. It looked like somebody drugged him. I left him there, because my mother was calling me to go get two new dresses. I did not want to go to get the new dresses. I went and looked for the boy I was talking to again, and he was not there. I was informed by a person whose face I could not see that he went back to a normal sleeping position after I left, and then he left the scene entirely. The voice also told me he was coming back. I did not want to go get the new dresses without knowing he was back at the house.

I never found out whether or not he returned, because I suddenly appeared in the shopping complex my mother wanted me to go to. It was extremely dark, and everything in the store was wood except for the clothing. I picked out a dulled green dress with the same design as my wedding dress (long and flowing). I never picked out a second dress. I know I was very unhappy with having to pick out another dress, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, it did not fit the same as the wedding dress despite the fact that it was the same length and size. At the end of the dream, I began to feel myself go into the same position that I found the boy I was talking to in, but I never saw myself in that state.


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Dream about dresses
Dream about dresses
24.03.2013 14:19
You have an entity. It is apparent to me, although it may not be to others, almost from the beginning of the dream. You are being led by this entity in a direction you do not want to go. Like most evil entities, it intends you some harm, or at least mischief. I would do everything in my power to rid myself of this unwanted spirit, as spirits can be very subtle. Learn to lucid dream. This will prevent this sort of nightmare in the future. In the meantime, be strong and brave, and show it you mean business and will not give in to its pestering.